15 Best Hindi Comedy Movies on Disney Hotstar To Make You ROFL!

When it comes to entertainment, Bollywood movies are certainly one thing that has managed to garner a lot of attention. A number of people around the world seem to have become fans and love watching Bollywood flicks in various languages, right from Hindi ones to Telugu or Marathi films. Let’s look at some of the best Hindi comedy movies on Disney Hotstar. 

1. Bol Bacchan

Rohit Shetty’s action comedy Bol Bacchan, which is loosely based on the 1979 Hrishikesh Mukherjee classic Gol Maal, is a smash among audiences. When a Muslim man opens a temple lock to save a little infant, he keeps a Hindu name for the child’s safety and begins spinning a web of falsehoods.

2. Badhaai Ho

Priyamvada and Jeetender Kaushik, a middle-aged couple, discover they’re ‘expecting’. The middle-class couple begins to feel self-conscious about the pregnancy as they become a topic of conversation in their social circles. Even their sons Nakul and Gullar, who are ashamed of the circumstances they are in, struggle to deal with it.

3. Golmaal Again

The ensemble cast of ‘Golmaal Again’ earned mixed reviews from critics, however it did receive accolades for its humor and acting. After running into some spiritual entities, the gang learns the truth about the Jamnadas Orphanage, where they were raised.

4. Fukrey

A variety of colorful personalities, from a tough-talking Punjabi female don to a Jugaad Baaz campus watchman, cross the paths of four college pals who are chasing their dreams. They fight to balance their education and their own aspirations to succeed in life are the focus of the story. Their desire for achievement drives them to engage in inappropriate behaviors, and they quickly find themselves up against challenges that make their already difficult lives even more difficult. Will they triumph over these challenges and find the truth?

5. Khichdi: The Movie

‘Khichdi: The movie’ is based on the three-season television series Khichdi from STAR India, which had the titles Khichdi, Instant Khichdi, and Khichdi Returns. It is the first Hindi-language movie to be based on a television show. Jacky and Chakki, two young children, tell the tale of their family in a summer camp. The movie’s plot is related to the TV show on which it is based. ‘Khichdi’ belongs to the classic comedy era and the movie is probably the best among the Hindi comedy movies on Disney Hotstar. 

6. Lootcase

Nandan Kumar, an employee of a printing plant, finds a briefcase full of cash resting on a shabby street, which causes his life to take an unexpected turn. Nandan brings it home because he sees it as a door to a better life. However, there are many seekers for money. Will this spell the end of his problems or the start of fresh ones?

7. Bala

The main character of Bala, a young man with male pattern baldness who lives in Kanpur, is Balmukund Shukla. The story is about his lack of confidence and the pressure that comes with early balding in society. Baldness and colorism are the main social issues that are addressed.

8. Angreji Medium

Champak Bansal is a straightforward small-town businessman and one of the owners of the Ghasitaram chain of sweet shops. He lives happily with his teenage daughter Tarika. Tarika, however, aspires to go and graduate from a reputable institution in London. How far will the father go to ensure Tarika realizes her big dreams while having limited resources to do so?

9. Chhichhore

Set concurrently in the 1990s and 2019, Chhichhore tells the tale of Aniruddh Pathak nickname ‘Anni’, a middle-aged divorcee whose son Raghav attempts suicide after failing the JEE entrance exam. Despite surviving, Raghav is unwilling to live because he is afraid of being labeled as a ‘loser’, so a desperate Anni tells Raghav about his own experience at college, when he and his five friends were also called ‘losers’.

10. Stree

 Stories of a mystery woman who addresses men by name before kidnapping them have gripped a town in fear. Men are stalked by the spirit of an enraged lady throughout the holiday season. The residents of Chanderi, a little town, are terrified of ‘Stree’, an evil spirit that kidnaps men at night. Based on the ‘Nale Ba’ urban legend that gained popularity in Karnataka in the 1990s.

11. Jolly LLB

The story of lawyer Jagdish Tyagi, often known as Jolly, and his fight against court corruption and the wealthy’s monopolistic conduct. The story centers on his early life and his efforts to secure the rights of six innocent wage employees. The hit-and-run case of Sanjeev Nanda in 1999 served as the basis for the plot, and there is also a passing mention of the Priyadarshini Mattoo case.

12. Hungama

The tale of a group of outcasts whose misunderstandings about one another’s backgrounds lead to a sequence of chaotic but amusing outcomes. A wealthy village resident makes the decision to relocate to the city with his wife. They quickly encounter an instance of mistaken identity that leads to amusing circumstances.

13. Kaalakandi

 Kaalakaandi takes place over the course of one night in Mumbai. This dark comedy, which focuses on life, death, and karma, follows three parallel plotlines: a man who learns he is terminally sick, a woman looking for redemption, and two thugs with serious trust problems.

14. Pyaar ke side effects

The romantic comedy depicts the complexities of a contemporary relationship. A smart, insightful look at men-women relationships, the movie addresses the subject of ‘commitment issues’ in a way that is both engaging and compelling. Sid and Trisha are in a relationship. She thinks they’re ready to be married and proposes the engagement. However, Trisha dad believes Sid is incompetent which causes their relationship to end. Will they be able to get back together?

15. Hum do Humaare do

Dhruv Shikhar and Aanya Mehra fall in love. She wishes to marry a guy with a sweet family and an adopted dog. However, Dhruv is an orphan and has kept it from her. With the help of his best friend, he manages to create a fake happy family with Purshottam and Deepti as his parents. Will Aanya discover the truth or will they live happily ever after?

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Hindi movies are always known for their creativity and super cool ideas. We hope these Hindi comedy movies on Disney Hotstar will make you wanna laugh nonstop!

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