15 Best Hindi Dialogues of 2022 We Absolutely Loved

Dialogues are an essential part of Indian Cinema. Well, dialogues and songs to be precise. It is something, that is very ethnic to Indian Cinema. Even before many people saw the movie, the dialogues of Sholay were already hit amongst the masses. Even though we never had such influential dialogues since then, there have been some noteworthy ones over the few years. And I am sure that there’s more on the way. One of the reasons that our dialogues are larger than life is because of the philosophy of mainstream cinema in our country. Cinema has always been a means of escapism than raising serious questions. But things are probably changing for the better. Here is a list of the 15 best Hindi dialogues of 2022 that will make it worth watching the movie.

1. Khoon se likhi hui kahani hai…phirse khoon hi maangegi. – K.G.F Chapter 2

2. Jaan se bhi jyada pyaari tumhari dosti hai. – RRR

3. Sirf Indian Kaisa hota hai Aadmi – Anek 

4. Chalo baap ka naam Devanand. – Gangubai Kathiyawadi

5. Kehte hai Kamathipura mein kabhi Amavas ki raat nahi hoti… – Gangubai Kathiyawadi

6. Uttaradhikari rishte se nahi, yogyata se chuna jaata hai – Prithviraj Chauhan 

7. Gangubai goo khaati hai???

8. Hindi decide karti hai??? – Anek 

9. um meri jaan le sakte ho…lekin mere desh ko nahi. – Major

10. Woh Kashmir hamara tha…

11.  A dialogue to remember.

12. Still can’t get enough of this scene and movie.

13. Akshaye Khanna’s comeback was the highlight  of the movie.

14. Moms are always right.

15.  Salute to our soldiers.

2022 is not over yet, there are some exciting films lined up for the rest of the year. That will hopefully give us more memorable dialogues. But as of now, these were the 15 best Hindi dialogues of 2022. I am sure we missed many others. Let us know in the comments the ones we missed. And make sure to watch all the movies on the list. I can guarantee that you will have a good time.

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