15 Best Hindi Dubbed Crime Thriller Series That You Must Watch

Few crime thrillers can deliver what it aspires to do. A good crime thriller makes us sit at the edge of our seats, it makes our blood rush through our veins. The popularity of the genre allows producers to fund more projects in the crime thriller genre, which resulted in a huge catalogue of crime thrillers available for streaming. A downside to this is that you are confused about what to watch as you have too many options in front of you. So, here are the 15 best Hindi dubbed crime thriller series.


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1. Narcos

Based on the real-life incidents that led to the shootout of Pablo Escobar. The series follows two cops as they try to hunt down the king of cocaine in Columbia.

2. The Alienist

A series of gruesome murders of boy prostitutes grips New York City in the 90s. A newspaper editor teams up with a criminal psychologist to capture the perpetrator(s).

3. Lupin

Two of my favourite things together: France and heist. I never went to France. But there is something about the city that attracts me. This series is an exhilarating cat and mouse chase between the cops and a person who disguises as Lupin.

4. Mindhunter

If you are a fan of David Fincher (Fight Club, Seven), you have to watch this series created by him. It follows two FBI detectives as they try to get into the minds of serial killers to understand their psychology.

5. Criminal: UK

The entire series is confined within the interrogation room where detectives race against time and interrogate suspects.

6. Money Heist

You knew it was coming. What more is there to say about Money Heist that hasn’t been said already? Watch it, if you haven’t already as It is one of the best Hindi dubbed crime thriller series. It might seem a bit boring towards the end, but it is worth watching.

7. Bad Blood

After serving jail for 31 years, Mafia boss Vito Rizzuto seeks revenge on the ones who killed his family and friends.

8. Jack Ryan

Starring John Krasinski, Jack Ryan is based on the character created by Tom Clancy. Jack Ryan is an ex-US Marine who is thrust into a dangerous field assignment. He uncovers a pattern in terrorist communication.

9. You

“You” is a psychological thriller. It follows the story of a bookstore owner’s obsession with an aspiring writer. The bookstore owner will do anything to get to her, even if it means killing people.

10. The Innocent

A nightclub brawl ends in tragedy when a student Mateo kills another student, Dani, and faces 4 years of imprisonment.

11. My Name

A woman joins the police force as an undercover gang member under the direction of a crime boss to avenge her father’s death.

12. Stranger

When it comes to crime thrillers, the South Korean industry is probably the best currently. Stranger follows a prosecutor who tackles a murder case amongst political corruption with the help of a female detective. This is one of the must-watch hindi dubbed crime thriller series.

13. Vagabond

Dal-gun is a stuntman who gets entangled in an investigation of a plane crash that killed his nephew. He teams up with a National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent Hae-ri to expose the truth about the plane crash.

14. The Forest of Love

The Forest of Love follows a charismatic conman and aspiring film crew who delve into the life of two emotionally scarred women.

15. Death Note

The only anime on this list. The popularity of death note peaked after Netflix’s live-action movie adapted from the original anime which you would do yourself a favour by not watching. If you want to watch death note. Watch the original Japanese anime version.

This was our list for the 15 best Hindi dubbed crime thriller series. Enjoy.

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