15 Best Hindi Dubbed South Indian Movies You Should Watch


Dubbed movies, notwithstanding their demerits, definitely play a huge role in expanding the reach of regional movies. While most of us are accustomed to only watching dubbed South Indian comedy movies, there have been several critically acclaimed South Indian movies across genres that are well appreciated by the Hindi-speaking audience. Let’s have a look at some of the best HIndi dubbed South Indian movies dubbed that you should definitely watch if you haven’t already.

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1. Ratsasan

This Tamil psychological crime thriller movie follows a police officer who chases after a psychotic serial killer targeting school girls. With an 8.5 IMDB rating, this is one of the best south Indian movies of recent times. It’s the Hindi dubbed version ‘Main Hoon Dandadhikaari’ plays quite often on the Star network.

2. Anniyan

A man suffering from multiple personality disorder uses Garuda Purana as a reference book to deliver punishment to evil people in the real world. By the day he is an innocent yet annoying lawyer named Ramanujan, turns into the Loverboy Remo to win his crush’s heart, and kills people by the night in the guise of Anniyan. The movie is filled with some spine-chilling action sequences. It’s a Hindi dubbed version ‘Aparichit’ is quite popular among the masses.

3. Vikram Vedha

Vikram Vedha follows a police inspector named Vikram, and his partner Simon, who are tasked with capturing a criminal named Vedha. However, when Vedha turns himself in one day at the police station, he offers to tell Vikram a story; Vikram doesn’t know that this story is related to his and Simon’s. The investigation is further complicated when it turns out that Vedha’s lawyer is Vikram’s wife. Not only does this movie have a Hindi dubbed version but soon it’s getting a Bollywood remake.

4. Eega

Eega’s Hindi-dubbed version ‘Makkhi’ was quite a hit among the Hindi-speaking audience. This movie is a tragedy, but a tragedy had never been this entertaining. A woman’s lover is murdered by the villain. He reincarnates in the form of a housefly and uses all his/its might to save the woman from the villain. As silly as the previous two lines sound, the plot turns out to be damn interesting, clever, and engaging.

5. 24

24 is a 2016 science-fiction thriller starring Suriya in which he plays the role of a scientist who invents a time travelling watch. His evil twin however, is bent upon acquiring the watch for himself. Years later, the scientist’s son fights against his evil uncle to prevent him from getting a hold on that watch.

6. Jai Bhim

When a poor tribal man is falsely accused of burglary by a tyrant rich man, he is illegally detained by the police and goes missing soon after. A brave lawyer named Chandru decides to help the family get justice. This critically acclaimed movie’s Hindi-dubbed version was made available on Amazon Prime and was loved by all.

7. Na Peru Surya Naa Illu India

A soldier is court-martialled due to his anger issues. The only way he can get back to work is when he gets the approval of a psychologist that he is in the right mental state to do so. The action film soon turns into a drama. It is one of the most entertaining movies of Allu Arjun.

8. Dear Comrade


Vijay Devrakonda is a heartthrob and his romantic films hit all the right chords in the hearts of the audience. A state-level cricketer falls in love with a student union leader who later helps her get through a highly disturbing phase in her life.

9. Sarrainodu

This 2016 Allu Arjun movie was quite a hit among the audience. An ex-military man takes up the charge of beating up individuals who have escaped the clutches of law. However, when his lover forbids him from using his violent mannerism, he finds himself in a dilemma.

10. Nenokkadine

Dubbed in Hindi under the title Ek Ka Dum, the story follows a schizophrenic musician who is bent upon finding the three men who he believes murdered his parents. In his quest, he is helped by a journalist.

11. Lucifer

This Malayalam movie that was also dubbed in Hindi, follows the story of a power struggle between two forces after the death of the Chief Minister of the state. This political thriller/ action movie starring Mohanlal is a must-watch for all south Indian movie lovers. How does Mohanlal pull off such complex action sequences at this age? Beats me.

12. U-Turn

U-Turn is a horror-thriller movie that revolves around the mysterious deaths of the people who break the traffic rule and take a U-Turn at the flyover. A journalist who is bent upon finding out the truth takes the u-turn herself. This South Indian movie dubbed in Hindi is a must-watch.

13. Magadheera

A work by S. S. Rajamouli, Magadheera is a fantasy film that connects the present lives of the characters to their 400-year-old past lives. The 2017 Bollywood movie Raabta was a remake of this movie but the dubbed version is equally popular.

14. Vedam

Released in Hindi as Antim Faisla, Vedam is a 2010 anthology film about five strangers who are stuck together in a hospital that is under a terrorist attack.

15. Mufti

A police officer is assigned the task of catching a crime lord named Bhairathi. When he goes undercover to do so, he realizes that the don is a man with good intentions.

So, these were some of the best Hindi dubbed South Indian movies. Which of these movies fall on your pleasure-watching list? Do let us know in the comments section.

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