15 Best Hindi Dubbed Tamil Movies Of All Time You Must Watch

A blend of masala and art, the Tamil film industry, also known as Kollywood, is one of the best Indian regional cinema industries. Tamil cinema in the twenty-first century has tackled a variety of sociopolitical concerns. Above all, such works have been well received by casual moviegoers and have had a lot of commercial success. There have also been some outstanding genre films, such as Vikram Vedha (2017) and Kaithi (2019), that are generally devoid of ridiculous melodrama and distracting music. If you’re interested in watching Tamil films, here is a list of the best Hindi dubbed Tamil movies of all time.

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1. Kanchana
When three ghosts take possession of a shy young man and force him to act feminine, his mother seeks the help of an exorcist, who uncovers a terrible story of societal injustice, murder, and retribution.

2. Sketch
Sketch works for a loan shark who steals people’s cars if they can’t pay him back. One such defaulter, however, is a dangerous thug who becomes enraged when his automobile is stolen.

3. Arrambam
A man embarks on a journey to expose government wrongdoing with the help of a computer hacker. As the duo’s dark secrets begin to leak, they face severe consequences from those in positions of power.

4. Singham 
In Rajolu, Narasimha is a fearless and trustworthy inspector. Because of a feud between Purushottam, a notorious mobster, and Narasimha, the latter is relocated to Vizag, where Purushottam reigns supreme.

5. 24
A scientist creates a time-traveling watch, which his evil twin brother desires. Years later, the scientist’s son is pitted against his uncle, who is still looking for the watch.

6. Kanthaswamy
A masked crusader takes care of the financial problems of anyone who leaves a message at a shrine. Meanwhile, a CBI official is on the lookout for anyone who hide their cash.

7. Comali
Ravi wakes up in his 30s after a long coma to discover he has missed 16 years of his life. He soon finds himself unable to cope with the modern world’s novelties. This is one of the best Hindi dubbed Tamil movies.

8. Thadam
During the investigation of a man’s murder, the police discover two possible suspects who appear to be identical but are strangers. When fresh facts are discovered, however, the situation becomes more complicated.

9. Thaanaa Serndha Koottam
A young man named Iniyan desires to be a CBI officer but is turned down due to his inability to pay bribes. However, he quickly establishes a gang that impersonates CBI personnel in order to raid and expose the corrupt.

10. Kaththi
Kathiresan, who has escaped from prison, encounters his impersonator, Jeeva, who is shot by crooks. To rescue himself, Kathiresan disguises himself as Jeeva, but this transforms him into a crusader.

11. Sivaji: The Boss
A software engineer comes to India to help the country and invest in its future. While he tries to overcome the barriers, a few crooked authorities and politicians try to stop him.

12. Enthiran (Robot)
Vaseegaran, a bright scientist, creates Chitti, a one-of-a-kind robot engineered to preserve humanity while also experiencing human emotions. When Chitti falls in love with his girlfriend, problems emerge.

13. Veeram
Vinaayagam, a kind man who uses violence to settle disagreements, seeks to change his ways for the sake of his lover. When he discovers that a band of thugs is following his lover’s family, chaos erupts.

14. Baahubali – 1&2
Shivudu falls in love with a young warrior woman in Mahishmati’s kingdom. He learns about his family’s conflicted background and actual legacy while attempting to court her.

15. Dashavtaram (Dashavtar)
After realising the threat posed by a bioweapon, a scientist works to prevent its misuse. When the vial lands in India by accident, he must rush against the clock to avoid a disaster.

This was our list of the best Hindi dubbed Tamil movies. Do you think we missed out on something? Let us know in the comments below!

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