Best Hindi Patriotic Dialogues That Will Bring Out the Indian in You

Movies are home to entertainment in India and their impact can be easily witnessed in the daily life and culture of the citizens. Bollywood movies have unmatched drama adorned with songs and dances and for several decades movies have made our lives a lot more colorful. Movies fuel us with all types of emotions, even the ones we didn’t know resides in us. Such is the power of the visual medium! Without fail, Bollywood has given us evergreen dialogues that are ingrained in our minds forever.  Through this article, we take you on a ride to all the famous Best Hindi Patriotic Dialogues that evoked patriotism in us and continue to do so, every time we hear them. Here we go!


1. Thus speaks every Indian but when Sunny Paaji speaks, presence is felt!

The intensity with which Sunny Paaji explodes on screen can hardly be matched by anyone. His hard-hitting dialogue delivery and brooding performance is bound to bring out the patriotic devotion in us and with a dialogue like the above that talks about India’s vividness, how can we not feel proud of the land we come from?

2. Indian Army and their patriotism is totally heroic! 

Our soldiers are the pride and honor of our nation. The dialogue beautifully throws light on the selfless service and loyalty of the soldiers towards the welfare of the nation.


3. Tum doodh mangoge hum kheer denge….that’s all one has to say! Instinctively, you will say the rest.  

India’s Kashmir war is a never-ending tale and has created stressful situations in the country. It is a highly sensitive issue and the Indian Army has suffered the loss of so many Jawans because of this issue. This is one of the most memorable Hindi Patriotic dialogues that spread like wildfire when the film was released as the Kashmir conflict has always stirred up Indian sentiments.

4. We bet this scene never leaves a dry eye.

One of the most spine-chilling patriotic scenes in the history of Indian cinema! Nana Patekar’s originality in this scene is nothing less than heart-wrenching.

5. We have to admit that we never switch the channel if this scene is playing.

The unforgettable reply of Akshay Kumar’s character ‘Arjun’ to the British man disparaging India as the land of snake charmers in the movie impressed each one of us and made us feel extremely proud of the country we live in. India is a land where every religion finds its home!

6. We sleep in peace because somebody is awake at the border!

Unquestionably, the will and commitment of our soldiers to protect the nation from any kind of threat is what results in harmony. Thousands suffer and bear deep wounds and scars and sacrifice their lives at the border to render us peaceful sleep at night.

7. This iconic movie has a number of memorable dialogues.

This dialogue beautifully pens down the unrelenting devotion of our soldiers and their absolute loyalty towards the service of the nation.

8. When SRK says it, a million hearts frisk and frolic!

9. Rustom giving us a clear picture of the pride and glory attached to a uniform.

The dialogue gives us an insight into the sacred obligation of a soldier towards his/her uniform.


10. Very filmy! Yet igniting our bones with patriotic sentiments. 

Cricket is not a sport but a religion in India and that has been best used in this dialogue. Two things that Indians have a hard time dealing with, one is nursing heartbreak after India loses a cricket match and secondly, swollen anger on being attacked by perpetrators.

11. Dalbir Kaur’s fight for justice was nothing less than a tropical storm. 

Despite having one of the most powerful militaries in the world, India has never misused its power and has never planned an attack from the back and that’s what the dialogue highlights!

12. And the dialogue that drove the nation crazy! 

This movie is a patriotic bonanza and keeps us clenched in its fist from the start to the end. This dialogue grabs us by our soul and takes us to the other side of the road and shows us a bigger picture as we judge and criticize the apathy of the nation!

These Hindi Patriotic Dialogues from Bollywood movies are bound to make a person emotional and patriotic who honors the tricolor flag. India has been through a very rough patch with its struggle for independence for several years and thousands of freedom fighters and the public lost their lives so that we can walk freely today!

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Had it not been for their unwavering efforts, it is possible that we would be fighting for our freedom till date! Hence, it is only with our love and support that India can progress to greater heights.

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