10 Best Indian Books of 2022 : A Guide to the Must-Reads of the Year

Indian literature is reaching new heights year by year. This year was no different. We’ve got a range of great books to read from all categories-fiction, non-fiction, historical, you name it! There’s always something for everyone. So if you want to catch up on the new releases of 2022 but don’t know where to begin, we have you covered! Here’s a compilation of the 10 Best Indian Books of 2022 that caught our eye. 

1. The Drop And The Glop By Sanjiv Saran

Three people from different backgrounds are facing upheavals and changes in this personage against the war between India and Pakistan in 1965 and the liberation of Bangladesh in 1971. Uncertainty, humor, drama, interesting character development, and a number of the deep questions posed in this book make it a must-read! 


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2. How To Live Your Life By Ruskin Bond

A wise book, and the life lessons inspired by the author through his experiences, How To Live Your Life applies to individuals of from all spheres of life. This one is surely going to leave a great impact on you after you put it down and will push you to live the most amazing life! 

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3. In An Ideal World By Kunal Basu

Another gem from the numerous incredible works by the author, In An Ideal World by Kunal Basu is a genuinely relevant and contemporary novel set in the 21st century that shows us the perfect mirror of the state of current India we’re living in and should be on top of your to-read list! 


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4. Sin: Stories By Wajida Tabassum

Sin is a collection of the boldest short stories by the author and also contains a tinge of some tales inspired by her own life. Set in Hyderabad, this story gives an almost real account of the corruption among Hyderabad’s elite, middle-class forces in the mid-twentieth century, and fuzzy lines of propriety and shape. 

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5. To Hell And Back: Humans Of Covid by Barkha Dutt 

In this book, Barkha Duty gives a nuanced account of the Pandemic through the lens of the variety of people she covered, ranging from migratory workers and politicians, businessmen and functionaries, croakers and nurses, plant workers and growers, preceptors and scholars, misters and women, parents and children. And through these stories, she paints a staggering, not only of our time of ravages, but also of the real nature of our country with its deeply entrenched inequalities between classes, succession and genders. 

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6. Why Should I Worry When I Can Face The World? By Shibhu Nair

Why should I worry when I can face the world? is a self-help book tailored specifically to tackle the issues of anxiety, worry, depression, fear, and overthinking that we all face in our daily lives at some point or other. Through real-life experiences of his own life as well as people he knows, readers get simpler, but attainable advice to address situations that we will all understand. 

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7. The Living Mountain by Amitav Ghosh 

The Living Mountain is a shining example of how we have fully harnessed nature, leading to an environmental meltdown. It is especially relevant in today’s times when we are combating the pandemic and confronting a climate disaster both of which are the result of our insufficient understanding of humanity’s relationship with nature, and of our sustained ownership and abuse of natural coffers.  

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8. Hymns In Blood by Nanak Singh

1987, Chakri – A quiet village on Soan’s shores near Rawalpindi. It is surrounded by celebratory songs and golden wheat rods. Sikhs, Muslims, and Hindus look forward to the end of winter and come together to prepare for Lohri’s holiday. In the middle of this cheerful stir, the erudite elder of the village Baba Rhana is worried about his foster daughter, Naseem’s future. Their happy existence was interrupted by the announcement of a possible partition of India. As a result of the ongoing rage of community violence, Baba Rhana’s family has to leave their village. They quickly realize that their lives are never going to be the same. 

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9. City of Incident by Annie Zaidi 

Annie Zaidi from the town of Incident describes the lives of six men and six women. Each of these characters finds it difficult to follow the life of the metropolis which offers them little hope, power, and opportunities for redemption. The stories of these individuals intertwine and provide readers with a disturbing image of life as it unfolds at the edge of our vision. They are people you may have seen at random in your car, in the subway, or in the pages of your everyday life. The kind of person that won’t get your attention for a while until something happens.  

10. Suit By Samarth 

Suit explores sully, social change, and progression through the Vikas’ perspective, a young” Suitwala”, as we follow him through a day in his life, hurling between events at work, moments he catches with his family, and his father’s memoirs. 


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So here are the 10 Best Indian Books of 2022 which we felt are a must-read for all the book lovers out there! 

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