15 Best Indian Female Youtubers & Vloggers You Can Follow

YouTubers have played an important role in the evolution of YouTube from video uploading to a business platform by contributing valuable content. They’ve turned YouTube into a goldmine of digital content. When it comes to female YouTubers, it has provided them with a platform to share their perspectives, ideas, recipes for delectable dishes from their kitchens, poetry from their diaries, and DIY projects. Let’s take a look at some of the best Indian female YouTubers & vloggers:

1. Prajakta Koli

Source: Instagram

Prajakta Koli, or MostlySane as she is better known, is one of India’s most popular YouTubers right now. She has more than three million subscribers and has been a Youtuber for four years. MostlySane, who is known for her relatable comedy sketches, uses the characters of her typical Indian parents to inject humor into everyday situations.

She’s been compared to Superwoman or Lilly Singh, a hugely popular Indo-Canadian Youtuber with whom she recently collaborated. MostlySane is a breath of fresh air, and if you’re not following her, you’re missing out!

2. Anisha Dixit

Source: Instagram

Anisha Dixit’s content is a little different than other YouTubers’, but it’s one of the reasons she’s so popular and one to watch.

Her YouTube channel has 2.7 million subscribers, and her videos use comedic sketches to tackle taboo topics. Relationships, periods, and values are among the topics covered.
Anisha also posts prank videos and gives her opinion on various topics in addition to taboo subjects. It’s a YouTube channel that’s not your typical makeup tutorial; it tackles India’s taboos in a fun way.

3. Nisha Madhulika

Source: Instagram

When it comes to the best Indian female YouTubers & vloggers, Nisha Madhulika is a household name in Indian households. Nisha rose to fame after starting a written blog in 2007 about how to cook Indian vegetarian dishes.

In 2011, she started the NishaMadhulika YouTube channel, which teaches viewers how to make a variety of Indian dishes, from main courses to snacks. Her YouTube channel has over 10 million subscribers, with the majority of them hailing from India and Pakistan.

Nisha has received numerous awards as one of India’s most well-known YouTubers, including the 2017 Social Media Summit & Awards’ Top YouTube Cooking Content Creator.

4. Shruti Anand

Source: Instagram

Shruti Arjun Anand is one of India’s most popular female YouTubers, as well as one of the most diverse. She posts a wide range of content, including comedic sketches with family members and fashion advice. Anaya, Shruti’s daughter, appears in many of her videos.

Her fashion and beauty tips range from makeup hacks to different styles to try for special occasions, but they are all beneficial to Shruti’s millions of viewers. Typically, one person is pitted against another. Consider the contrast between Desi and Modern. Her over-the-top acting and expressiveness have earned her a massive following of over 8.5 million subscribers.

5. Aditi Mittal

Aditi Mittal, one of India’s first female stand-up comedians, is raw, real, and deviates from the safe and easy topics for Indian comedians. Her Youtube channel has 2,40,000 subscribers and she is known for her outspokenness. Aditi Mittal frequently discusses issues affecting women—in her trademark hilarious style, of course! She has no filters and says exactly what she thinks, which is why she is so popular as a stand-up comedian and one of the best Indian female YouTubers & vloggers. If you prefer to keep things real, Aditi Mittal’s channel is for you.

Source: Aditi Mittal on Instagram

6. Vidya Iyer

Source: Instagram

Despite living in America, Vidya Iyer is one of the most popular Indian YouTubers. She was born in Chennai before moving to Virginia with her family. Vidya Vox has several vlogs on her channel, but the majority of her content is music-related.

Vidya was encouraged to study Indian classical music as a child. Before moving to India for two years to study music, she joined Indian folk dance teams. Vidya sings regularly in a band led by her friend Shankar Tucker, and she has performed in a number of prestigious venues, including the White House. Vidya Vox has amassed a following of over 7 million subscribers and has gone on to record original songs and music videos.

7. Kabita Singh

Source: Instagram

Another one of the best Indian female YouTubers & vloggers who focus on food is Kabita Singh. Kabita’s Kitchen has simple recipe videos as well as easy-to-follow recipes. It’s no surprise that the channel has over 9.5 million subscribers because so many people want to learn how to cook. She has turned her passion for food into a career. Although many of Kabita’s dishes are Indian, there are a few exceptions.

KabitasKitchen Quick Recipes focuses on quick food preparation, whereas KabitasLifeStyle is dedicated to all things lifestyle, from health to DIY. Kabita’s videos demonstrate a wide range of abilities, which explains why she is so popular in India.

8. Sonali Bhadauria

Source: Instagram

Sonali Bhadauria is India’s fastest-rising dancer, with a slew of viral dance choreography videos to her credit. Sonali started her YouTube channel, “LiveToDance with Sonali,” in 2016. Her entire motivation for starting the channel was to promote and redefine the art of choreography to the rest of the world.

9. Sambhavna Seth

Source: Instagram

Sambhavna Seth is a Bhojpuri actress and dancer who has appeared in several films. She rose to prominence as a contestant on the reality show Big Boss 2. Her YouTube channel, which has 1.78 million subscribers, features videos of her life with her husband during the lockdown.

Check out Sambhavna’s vlog channel for more hilarious glimpses into her life with her husband, three children, and two dogs. Over 773.5 million people have watched the videos!

10. Shirley Setia

Source: Instagram

Shirley Setia, a social media sensation and singer, is set to make her Bollywood debut as an actor in Sabbir Khan’s Nikamma. Shirley Setia runs a YouTube channel that has gotten a lot of attention and love in a short amount of time.

11. Mallika Motiramani

Source: Instagram

Mallika began vlogging while still in high school, at the age of 15, after watching a few British YouTubers and wondering why she wasn’t doing the same. She was able to strike a balance between her studies and her YouTube channel, emphasizing the importance of doing well in school.

She suggests that you spend quality time brushing up on your hobbies as a way to unwind. Mallika’s channel has 180k subscribers and a 15 million monthly viewership.

12. Shanice Shrestha

Source: Instagram

Shanice is one of the best Indian female YouTubers & vloggers who frequently appear on the trending list, and she is married to Mumbiker Nikhil, a well-known travel and daily life vlogger. Her channel has around 786k subscribers and a total viewership of around 91 million people!

Goibibo, Daniel Wellington, ICICI Prudential Life, L’Oréal Paris, and Realme India are among Shanice’s brand collaborations. Her vlogs give us a glimpse into her easygoing and enjoyable relationship with her husband.

13. Saba Ibrahim

Source: Instagram

Saba Ibrahim is the sister of Shoaib Ibrahim, a well-known television actor. She is a beauty and lifestyle blogger who documents her family life and shares it on her YouTube channel. We get a glimpse into Saba’s relationship with her family and how they go about their daily lives. MamaEarth, Iba, Glam it up by Humera Hafeez, Riyoherbs India, Kaunain, The Nail Junction, F N G (Fresh N Glow), beyond books, and DUBAI SKINCARE ESSENTIALS are just a few of Saba’s collaborations. Her channel, which has 1.38 million subscribers, has a total viewership of 222 million!

14. Komal Pandey

Source: Instagram

Her fashion and lifestyle videos on the POPxo channel made her famous. She began by posting “Outfit of the Day” pictures on her Instagram account as a commerce graduate from Delhi. She left POPxo in late 2017 to start her own YouTube channel, which now has 345k subscribers. Her affordable and recycled fashion videos are a hit, and her fashion sense is amazing.

15. Lilly Singh

Source: Instagram

Since she was a child, Singh has described herself as a “tomboy.” She also had an early crush on actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who used to be a pro wrestler. She dressed up as him for a school performance, kept a life-size cardboard cutout of him in her room, and awoke at 5 a.m. to watch fights she had taped.

Singh was always acting out skits and performing hip-hop routines for her friends and sister when she was a kid. Singh was soon introduced to YouTube and some of the best Indian female YouTubers & vloggers who had built a following simply by being themselves. At the age of 22, she released her first video under the moniker “Superwoman.”

16. Kusha Kapila

Source: Instagram

Kusha Kapila, also one of the best Indian female YouTubers & bloggers, is a well-known internet celebrity. On September 19, 1989, she was born in Delhi. She went to school in South Delhi and graduated from Indraprastha College with a degree in English Literature. She also has a fashion technology bachelor’s degree.

She has a YouTube channel where she uploads comedic videos. On October 7, 2011, Kusha became a YouTuber. On her YouTube channel, Kusha also posted a vlog of herself. On Valentine’s Day, 2020, she also made a video with her husband. Her YouTube channel has over 111K subscribers and has received over 4.7 million views overall (as of March 5, 2020).

17. Dolly Singh

Source: Instagram

Dolly Singh is a well-known fashion blogger, content creator, and influencer on social media. She is best known for her role as ‘Raju ki mummy’ in the YouTube series ‘Raju ki mummy chat show.’ She was born in Nainital, Uttarakhand, on September 23, 1993.

Dolly Singh is a social media sensation who has wowed fans with her hilarious vines videos and fashion trends. She is also a well-known content creator for iDiva and has her own YouTube channel. Dolly Singh comes from a low-income family. Dolly also posted a video to her YouTube channel called ‘My Real House Tour,’ in which she shows off her parents’ Nainital home. The video is completely unedited and was well received by her fans for displaying reality.


18. Tanya Khanijow

Source: Instagram

Tanya is now a full-time traveler and an Indian female YouTuber! She has over 155k Instagram followers and 530k YouTube subscribers. She prefers solo travel and tries to visit as many new places as she can. She considers this to be a content-driven job, so she makes an effort to include destinations that her audience would enjoy visiting. Her Namibian YouTube vlog gained a lot of attention, and her video about Himba tribal women and their way of life has over 1.4 million views! She makes content about tips and tricks for solo travelers in addition to travel vlogs.


19. Dhanashree Verma

Source: Instagram

Dhanashree Verma has a $2 million net worth as an Indian dancer, choreographer, and dentist. She is best known for being the wife of Yuzvendra Chahal, an Indian cricketer. She made headlines after the news of her engagement broke on August 8, 2020.

Dhanashree is also a YouTuber, best known for her “Dhanashree Verma” channel, which features dancing and comedy videos. She’s also worked with Indian actors and singers like Guru Randhawa, Rajkumar Rao, and Mouni Roy on dance videos. Shiamak Davar, a well-known Indian choreographer, taught her how to dance.


20. Natasha Noel

Source: Instagram

Natasha Noel, another one of the best Indian female YouTubers & bloggers, is a well-known yoga instructor who was born in Mumbai, India. She has both a Facebook and an Instagram account that has been verified. Her Facebook page has over 87,000 likes, and her Instagram account has over 250k followers. She has a popular YouTube channel with over 500k subscribers where she posts yoga training videos. Her YouTube channel is currently unverified, but it is expected to be verified soon.

Natasha also has a personal blog, soulfulhappiness.wordpress.com, where she chronicles her yoga journey from the beginning. And when people ask her what motivates her to continue on his path, she says: She expressed her deep motivation by stating that she is deeply motivated by her passion and love for her work. She believes that if we work our tails off, we can achieve more than we can on our own. Nothing is impossible if you put your heart and mind into something.


Which of the best Indian female YouTubers & vloggers do you follow for inspiration and motivation? Let us know your vision board characters in the comments below.

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