10 Best Indian Kid YouTubers Who Are Thriving On The Internet

They say children are incarnations of the divine. Well, while the truth of that claim is debatable, they surely are one of the sources of the purest joy a person can get. They can be funny, intelligent, annoying, and all sorts of adorable at the same time. Talented as well, children have novel ways of looking at the world which are in part amusing, while being deeply insightful. These days, kids are becoming YouTubers as well, sharing their wholesome selves with the world. Have a look at the 10 best Indian kid YouTubers who look like they were born to entertain.

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1. MyMissAnand

Anantya Anand, with 12.9 million subscribers, is the star of this channel meant especially for kids. There are amusing videos centering mostly around children, which are made all the more adorable by the kids who feature in these videos. Anantya’s parents are also famous YouTubers, which explains where she got the inspiration from.


2. KichaTube HD

Little chef Kicha is the guy behind this channel which has 43.9K subscribers. He regularly comes up with simple and innovative recipes which he presents in his novel way, making the channel one you must check out. That aside, he also posts travel vlogs and DIY tutorial videos. Kicha even appeared on The Ellen Show, an American talk show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

3. Aayu and Pihu Show

This is a family channel replete with videos you can sit and enjoy with your own family. From sketches and skits to challenges and even educational videos, this channel has it all. No wonder there are 15.2 million people following it!


4. Samreen Ali

A teenage YouTuber, Samreen has 3.69 million subscribers on her channel. She mostly posts sketches with her siblings, challenge videos and short funny vlogs. Do check out the channel if you want wholesome comedy coming your way.

5. Learn with Amar

15 years old Amar Sathwik Thogiti runs a channel with lessons for UPSC aspirants! Amar is also joined by his brother Anagh and their father Govardhan Achary Thogiti in making and uploading detailed educational videos dealing with various aspects of the social sciences for aspirants to follow and cover. Amar himself is a UPSC aspirant who wants to join the IAS. Their channel has 345K subscribers.


6. Kyrascope Toy Reviews

For kids, by a kid, Kyrascope Toy Reviews has videos which review – you guessed it, toys. Kyra Kanojia is the expert on toys –  from the humble Play-Doh to the most advanced robots, the girl has it all in her collection. This adorable YouTuber has 21.2K subscribers.

7. Varchasvi Sharma

Possibly among the youngest YouTubers of the country, Varchasvi Sharma is the cutest creator you will have come across. Daughter of YouTuber Praval Sharma, she does dance covers, unboxing videos, vlogs and a lot of other cutesy content sure to make your heart melt. Her channel has 58.8K subscribers.


8. Jayas Kumar

Of SaReGaMaPa fame, this little guy has won hearts with his amazing voice and equally endearing personality. He has 3.4 million subscribers on his channel, where people get to listen to the incredibly innovative mashups and covers he comes up with.

9. Aanya Joshi

Talented and lovable in equal parts, Aanya has 102K subscribers on her channel. Here she posts song and dance covers along with DIY craft tutorials. Hers is a versatile channel, you must check out.


10. Wonder Girl Ayat

She sings, she dances, she acts AND is a great orator – truly a wonder girl. Ayat Shaikh, along with her 3 year old sister Ayra Shaikh, are multitalented, truly. Their channel where they showcase all their skills, has 198K subscribers. Take a look at their videos if you find yourself lacking serotonin sometimes.

We hope these 10 best Indian kid YouTubers brightened your day!

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