20 Best Indian Print Ads Which Are Simply A Work Of Genius

Without a doubt, creative ads are the best way to pique the interest of potential consumers in a cool new product. While ads focused on being largely informative and to the point in the past, they have, over the years, taken a more entertaining approach. At this point, the production value and creativity of an ad is directly associated with the quality of the product itself, even if it is not always correct. With so much at stake, companies almost always put their best foot forward with their ads. While the media today is far more different than the media a few decades back, with audio visuals being the primary mode for most people, print hasn’t exactly fallen out of favour either. Clearly, a lot of wit and genius goes into writing ads, because these 20 best Indian print ads are proof!


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1. This snarky jibe by Snapdeal at its biggest rival, Flipkart.

2. And this snarky jibe by the Hindu at basically most other newspapers in circulation.

3. Soft clothes might rub off on you – literally.

4. This meaningful yet subtle ad about disappearing lions speaks volumes without saying much.

5. Sometimes gory details can make an impact.

6. Nostalgia can only do you so much good.

7. If Ravana can give up nine of his heads, you sure can give up sugar, buddy.

8. The pen is mightier than the sword – especially if you use it to throw ink at and disorient your enemy.

9. If the clothes in an ad are bright and shiny, it must be a Tide ad!

10. Being ridiculous to make a point.

11. If you must plagiarise, do it to send a message against plagiarism.

12. We live in a world where the rich do fast fashion hauls and the children who make their clothes have nothing to wear.

13. Recognizing you are part of the problem is how you reach the solution.

14. Equality for the win.

15. Donating your eyes may save more than just one life.

16. No amount of money is worth losing your voice for. 

17. A superstition that has unfortunately stood the test of time.

18. Drunk driving kills.

19. With more and more people opting to not have children because of growing climate concerns, adoption is the best way to start a family. 

20. This hilarious ad that’ll convince you to get a Sherwani from Sultan. 

Did you like our list of the best Indian print ads? Comment below to tell us your favourite one!

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