Best Indian Romantic Movies of 2022 That Will Give You The Feels


Love is a silly emotion. Indian romantic movies used to always involve dancing around the trees and follow the standard protocol of a boy and a girl falling in love with each other, but eventually, movies and scripts have changed for the better, and we have some of these treasures that really spoke to us. Here are some best Indian romantic movies of 2022 that you can’t miss.

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1. Sita Ramam

The car of an Indian man in London is set on fire by Afreen, a defiant Pakistani student. Afreen is asked to return $1 million in a month but refuses. Afreen returns to Pakistan in order to collect the money from her grandfather. She is then told by her deceased grandfather to deliver a letter that Ram wrote to Sita. As Afreen searches for Ram, the tale of Sita and Ram is gradually revealed.

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2. Hridayam

This movie shows Arun’s emotional journey, his carefree days as a bachelor in engineering school, and how he develops through different stages of life.

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3. Hey Sinamika

The daily activities of Mouna, a meteorologist who develops a romantic attachment to Yaazhan, a quirky and devoted man. This movie is one of the ebay Indian romantic movies that you can watch.

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4. Radhe Shyam


Vikramaditya, a Paramahamsa disciple and palmist, told Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1976 that she would soon declare a state of emergency in the nation. His fame and the fulfillment of the prophecy force him to leave the country. After two years, Vikramaditya is a well-known palmist in Italy who enjoys exploring the world.

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5. Hurdang

An audacious college student becomes embroiled in the controversy surrounding a significant bill that will have an impact on India’s educational system in 1990.

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6. Gehraiyaan

This movie is all about the modern-day complexities of contemporary human relationships from a different perspective. A romantic movie that you must watch.

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7. Ante Sundaraniki

When Sundar and Leela, childhood friends, start to fall in love, they devise a scheme to convince their traditional families to approve of their relationship.

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These were some of the best Indian Romantic movies of 2022 that you should definitely watch. We hope that you love watching them.

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