12 Best Indian YouTube Channels to Learn Singing

Because it fosters emotional engagement, social inclusion, encourages the development of social skills, and allows young people of various ages and abilities to successfully collaborate to create something exceptional in the arts, successful singing is crucial. With technology, convenience has increased. You can now learn how to sing online. We have compiled a list of the best Indian YouTube channels to learn singing. Happy learning!

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1. Sangeet Pravah WorldSubscribers: 692k

According to Sangeet Pravah World, “Music is Self-Productive.” This Gratuitous Institution imparts knowledge in accordance with the founder’s theory that music should flow naturally rather than remain stationary, like water in a pool. Regularly, this river flows in the direction of its source. This pravah has an infinite ending. Go there and flow with Sangeet Pravah World if you wish to experience the paramanand (Bliss) of music. This music industry’s training approach is innovative and special. It does not adhere to the standard instruction schedule that all colleges do. “The teacher does not actually teach. It is the student who gains knowledge.” This claim makes Sangeet Pravah World’s intentions very plain.

2. Siddhanth PruthiSubscribers: 242k

Siddhant’s grandmother, a devout woman steeped in Bhakti Sangeet, was the source of his early exposure to music. He went to Shri Prakash Thakur Ji, a member of the Banaras Gharana, to learn Hindustani Classical music when he was just 8 years old. Then he was given the chance to travel to Sabapur, a tiny village in Uttar Pradesh (UP), and study classical music under the late Ustad Latif Ahmed, a well-known vocalist and sarangi musician from the renowned Gwalior Gharana. Then he joined Shri Sanjay Jha’s Gath-Bandhan class. Shri Sanjay Jha is a pupil of Pandit Bhola Nath Mishra, a well-known pupil of the illustrious Mishra brothers of the Banaras Gharana, Pandit Rajan and Sajan.

3. Anuja KamatSubscribers: 270k

Kamat, who is trained in Hindustani classical and light music, has created 55 films for the new aficionado since she founded Out of the Shruti Box three years ago. She discusses the fundamentals of Indian classical music in these, covering anything from identifying Hindustani ragas in Bollywood songs to answering basic queries like what a swara or taal is. All by herself, Kamat creates, writes, performs, records, and edits the videos. Kamat typically sets up her bridge camera and a USB condenser microphone to capture the video and audio simultaneously after gathering and organising the content for an episode. She combines the two while editing.

4. Siddharth SlathiaSubscribers: 1.92M

Indian playback and indie-pop singer Siddharth Slathia. Additionally, Siddharth Slathia founded and owns the record company Synk Records. He also writes songs and composes music. At the “Asian Games” 2018 closing ceremony in Jakarta, Indonesia, he represented India by performing.

5. Abhishek SethSubscribers: 337k

Professional singer Dr. Abhishek Seth holds a Ph.D. in vocal music from B.H.U. (Banaras Hindu University). His YouTube channel features instructional and entertaining videos on music. You can learn how to sing, listen to Indian classical music, learn how to play the harmonium, record sounds, see fun videos, listen to his original songs and covers, and more by visiting this website.

6. Lakshmi MadhusudanSubscribers: 95.3k

Lakshmi Madhusudan is a famous classical singer who uses her channel on YouTube to teach other music. This is one of the best YouTube channels to learn singing.

7. Chandrani SarmaSubscribers: 498k

From Shillong, Chandrani Sarma is a trained and experienced Hindu classical vocalist who now resides in Mumbai. Over the past few years, she has given performances in India and Singapore. In 2016, she appeared on TV programmes like ZEE Tv’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Dance Singapore Dance.

8. Music With AditiSubscribers: 103k

Aditi is a classically trained singer. She enjoys Bollywood, Semi-Classical, and Classical music. She battled greatly to receive the proper instruction when she first started 15 years ago. The goal of MusicWithAditi is to teach Indian music to everyone in a way that even complete beginners can understand.

9. Sanchita PandeySubscribers: 58.5k

An Indian singer, lyricist, composer, and YouTuber goes by the name Sanchita Pandey. She earned her Sanger Visharad from the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya in Delhi (a degree in Indian Hindustani Classical Music) and her Sangeet Shiromani from the Faculty of Music and Fine Arts at Delhi University.

10. Mayoor ChaudharySubscribers: 656k

You can learn Hindustani classical music on Mayoor’s channel with frequent courses that are updated on the playlist. Therefore, make sure to subscribe to his channel as soon as possible if you are a singer who wants to improve your vocal abilities or who wants to become a professional singer. Additionally, you have come to the perfect site if you are a novice looking for a mentor for singing and voice training. On his channel, you may find a wide variety of tutorials for vocalists at the novice level.

11. Vox Guru – Subscribers: 552k

VoxGuru provides a comprehensive solution for all of your musical education needs. VoxGuru offers just the appropriate fit for you, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or experienced music student. Topics covered by VoxGuru range from deep intricacies of Ragas in Carnatic classical and Hindustani to topics related to voice culture and ear training.

12. Paarth Singh – Subscribers: 234k

Successful YouTuber, singer, producer, and owner of Paarth Singh Music Academy, Paarth Singh. He received training in both Western pop and Indian classical singing, as well as music production. He claims, “I always felt that Music Production was a Prerequisite ability to become a Musician/YouTuber.”

This is our list of the best YouTube channels to learn singing. Have you learnt something new? Let us know in the comments.

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