20 Best Indian YouTubers You Should Be Following Right Now!

Since the mid-2010s, the internet has become more accessible to Indians, thanks to the sharp decline in prices. More and more people flocked to websites like YouTube which they earlier couldn’t because of limited data given by network providers. However, now with almost unlimited data in their hands, people can watch whatever they want to. And thus YouTube has become an integral part of our daily lives. We basically use YouTube for everything now – be it cooking, learning a new instrument, or just partying the night away. And because we’re so addicted to watching videos on YouTube at this point, more and more content creators are choosing to work on YouTube full-time, making it a workplace rather than a hobby – which is why there is absolutely no dearth of good content on YouTube.

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With that, we bring you our list of the 20 best Indian YouTubers across various categories who are doing a tremendous job at making great content for our benefit.

1. Chef Ranveer

Even though we have several other cooking channels on the list, probably no other chef on YouTube can come close to the charming personality of Ranveer Brar. While the content he makes is pretty standard for a YouTube cooking channel, his way of talking makes his videos way more enjoyable than a regular recipe video. Ranveer also takes the time to brief the viewer about the background and history of the dishes he makes, which can be such an educational moment for those of us who are hungry for knowledge. Ranveer Brar is one of the best Indian Youtubers currently making content.

Image source: Ranveer Brar Instagram

2. Bharatz Kitchen

Do you ever find yourself wondering what happens inside your food while it’s cooking? Or have you ever felt like your culinary adventures feel a little like science experiments? Well, Bharatz Kitchen on YouTube has some answers for you. Even though Bharat’s cooking videos follow the same style as any other cooking channel, what’s unique about Bharatz Kitchen is Bharat’s scientific attitude towards cooking. Not only does he know which ingredient will make your dish better, he knows exactly why it will make your dish better, making most of his recipes pretty foolproof.

Image source: Bharatz Kitchen Instagram

3. Bake With Shivesh

As much as we care about content, aesthetics matter too. And in that department, Bake With Shivesh wins big time. Not only are his recipes a dream to make, but Shivesh’s videos are also enchanting to watch as well. If you’re just beginning to bake, this channel can help you out with the basics. Not only that, Shivesh also has plenty of product recommendations for new bakers who want to stock up their kitchens.

Image source: Shivesh’s Instagram

4. Skinny Recipes

Even though there is nothing out of the ordinary with Skinny Recipes by Nisa Homey, it is the only cooking channel I have so far come across that only post healthy recipes. If you’ve ever looked up a diet, you probably already know that Indian meals are loaded with carbs, and it can be tricky to lose weight while eating traditional Indian meals all day. Skinny Recipes provide a healthy twist to Indian dishes you know and love, making it easier to follow a diet without missing out on flavourful food.

Image source: Nisa Homey Instagram

5. Geeky Ranjit

When it comes to tech in India, Geeky Ranjit is OG. While many tech YouTubers may have come and gone so far, Ranjit has remained an active part of the YouTube tech community through all these years. The credit goes to the quality of the content he makes. Unlike other YouTubers who waste your precious minutes talking about random things you do not care about, Ranjit comes to the point faster than you can say his name. His videos are no-nonsense and straightforward, and above all, his opinion is trustworthy.

Image source: Geeky Ranjit Instagram

6. C4ETech

Like Ranjit, Ash from C4ETech is another OG when it comes to the Indian tech YouTube community. However, Ash doesn’t shy away from sharing his opinions in his videos, and his playful jibes at tech giants can be rather fun to watch. But more than anything, you can trust that he won’t recommend products that aren’t worth your money, and he will be blunt about things he doesn’t like in a product.

Image source: c4etech Instagram

7. Jovita George

When it comes to make-up and beauty, Jovita George’s YouTube channel is something you must subscribe to if you want honest reviews and recommendations. Jovita doesn’t sugarcoat her words when it comes to critiquing a product, and her content is fairly entertaining to watch. Moreover, unlike many other people on the internet, Jovita, from her own experience, has recommendations for girls with darker skin tones – which is most Indian girls out there.

Image source: Jovita George Instagram

8. Shreya Jain

Like Jovita, Shreya also posts plenty of product recommendations and reviews on her YouTube channel. She also regularly posts make-up tutorials that are rather entertaining to watch. Additionally, Shreya’s girl-next-door personality and amicable way of talking will familiarise you with her in minutes.

Image source: Shreya Jain Instagram

9. Slayy Point

Remember the whole Binod episode on the internet? Well, it started here. Unlike many other YouTube channels known for comedic content, Slayy Point keeps its content clean and SFW. YouTube as a space (and the internet in general) can make you feel inadequate about how you look, but both Gautami and Abhyudaya look like any of us, making their content way more relatable. Moreover, their videos are crisp and their comedy is smart. When it comes to comedy,  Abhyudaya, and Gautami are two of the best Indian YouTubers to watch out for.

Image source: Slayy Point Instagram

10. Vedant Rusty

While commentary channels aren’t as popular in India as they are in other YouTube communities, we found Vedant Rusty’s videos binge-able and worth a recommendation. Vedant makes videos about other YouTubers – something not many are doing in India. His videos are well-paced and cleanly divided into different segments, and he analyses and comments on things that happen on the internet.

Image source: Vedant Rusty Instagram

11. Only Desi

Even though Ankit doesn’t post as frequently as we wish he would, when he does, his videos are an absolute treat to watch. To put it as simply as possible, Only Desi on YouTube posts videos that analyze various memes-worthy Bollywood movies in the funniest way possible. The only way to get what we mean, and why we are so obsessed with Only Desi, you must head over to the YouTube channel right away!

Image source: Only Desi Instagram

12. Tried and Refused Productions

While there are tonnes of YouTube channels that post reviews of movies and web shows, none of them come close to the well-informed and educated videos Anmol makes on his channel, Tried and Refused Productions. You’d find yourself watching Anmol’s videos even when you don’t care what movie it is about because his content is just that enjoyable. Anmol is easily one of the best Indian YouTubers when it comes to film reviews.

Image source: Anmol Jamwal Instagram

13. Lisa Mishra

Good music is hard to find these days. And what’s harder is finding artists who do not plaster autotune all over their songs to smoothen out their inadequacies. This is why Lisa Mishra’s plain, unedited videos of her singing with a guitar are a treat to watch. It transports you into a simpler, old-tiny world where you can be yourself. Moreover, Lisa has some serious vocal skills to boast of.

Image source: Lisa Mishra Instagram

14. Suhani Shah

She is a mentalist, magician, a YouTuber, and a famous social media personality- she is magic in herself. This confident and charming woman has the ability to vanish that note in your pocket or know your phone’s passcode- no kidding! Suhani Shah started her journey of magic as a child and grew up to become more than that. You would be amazed to know that she is also a life coach, a certified hypnotherapist, and has also authored many books. She has performed her mentalist shows all around the globe and is a rising star who has proven that you can really turn your passion into a fulfilling profession.

Image source: Suhani Shah Instagram

15. Sandeep Maheshwari

Many of us must already be aware of him and some of us would have watched at least one of his videos, right? He was a photographer and had his own photo studio before starting and failing at photography businesses. His failures taught him a lot. What changed his perspective was the life and struggles of models that he came to know about while shooting with them. Finally, he started imagesbazaar.com a stock images website that became the world’s largest Indian images stock website smashing all records! Thereafter, his seminars also became widely famous. He started his YouTube channel in 2012 and has not looked back since then! His motivational lectures are liked by many and people get motivated watching his videos.

Image Credits: Sandeep Maheshwari Instagram

16. Tanmay Bhat

He is an Indian YouTuber, comedian, scriptwriter, actor, producer, performer, ex-CEO of AIB, and all that a talented artist does! He is not someone who needs an introduction, right? Tanmay started his career as a scriptwriter, writing for many shows such as UTV Bindas’ Hass Ley India, and MTV India’s WassupHis comedy one-liners spread through Indian audiences like wildfire, resulting- His YouTube channel which has a massive fan following, and people look up to his meme-filled videos to get a good laugh after a hectic day!

Image source: Tanmay Bhat Instagram

17.  Village Cooking Channel

Village Cooking Channel also known as VCC is owned and operated by M. Periyathambi, V. Subramanian, V. Ayyanar, V. Murugesan, T. Muthumanickam, and G. Tamilselvan. They run this channel on Chinna Veeramangalam, a rural village, Pudukottai district in Tamil Nadu. They prepare delicious village food as well as mass-loving modern food like noodles, pav bhaji and so much more. They then distribute the food among village people, children, and poor people. Their good deed and charitable work have gained popularity on a global level! 

Image source: Village Cooking Channel Instagram

18. TechnoGamerz

Ujjawala Chaurasia aka Techno Gamerz is one of the best gaming YouTubers of India. He mostly updates his followers on the new and upcoming Android games and also updates them with all kinds of phone games of all types such as horror, alien attack, zombie attack, internet cafe simulator and so many more that we might not have ever heard about! He has established himself as a gamer that is popular among many households. The youth that is interested in gaming and even thinking about making a career in gaming get inspired by this humble YouTuber who is also a great singer and has also uploaded his singing videos on his page.

Image source: Techno Gamerz Instagram

19. Ranveer Allahbadia (Beerbiceps)

Ranveer Allahbadia is also known by his Youtube handle Beerbicebs. He started his YouTube journey in 2014 and his channel documented videos of his weight loss journey. Gradually, more and more people started watching his videos to get motivated and learn from his fitness videos. What started as a fitness channel soon had a plethora of subjects included in it such as podcasts, interviews, motivational lectures, daily routine videos, and many more. Initially, the idea was to promote his uber like fitness app for fitness trainers and people who are interested in getting trained through an app. However, soon his YouTube channel got an instant fan following and now he is one of the best YouTubers of India.

Image source: Ranveer Allahbadia Instagram

20. Deepanshu Sangwan (Nomadic Indian)

Deepanshu Sangwan also known as Nomadic Indian is a content creator, producer, and famous YouTuber who entertains his viewers who visit all scenic places of the world sitting at home! He is a travel vlogger whose videos are famous because he hitchhikes, and inspires people who do solo traveling, and has even traveled to disputed places like Azerbaijan, Iran, Afghanistan, and so many more. His vlogs give people a chance to peek into different and sometimes lesser-known cultures, places, and terrains.

Image source: Deepanshu Sangwan Instagram

Did you like our list of best Indian Youtubers? If we missed out on your favorite ones, comment below to let us know!

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