10 Best Korean Thriller Movies That Will Keep You Hooked!

A good storyline along with a catchy soundtrack captures the attention and can keep the audience engaged. Most K-Dramas and movies have a very soft as well as romantic image for their viewers. However, hidden behind are some of the stories hard to forget combined with the elements of thriller and dark humor. Here we have compiled a list of the 10 Best Korean Thriller movies you should watch. 


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1. Parasite

Inspired from the 1960s classic ‘Housemaid Tale’, ‘Parasite’ is a contemporary classic rage blended in with dark humor. The destitute Kim clan smoothly sweeps their way into the rich Park family.  Bong Joon Ho further shows the threatened relationship between a lowly-class South Korean family and an upper-class family led by greed and class discrimination. The characters are quite engaging as we come across quite a lot of tense moments during the movie. Released in 2019, it is considered the best movie of the 21st century by critics and has bagged numerous awards, including names like Golden Globe, BAFTA, and Academy Awards.

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2. Train to Busan

On a train journey, what could possibly go wrong? An accident? Or the worst A Zombie outbreak! A divorced workaholic takes his daughter on a train journey to Busan where they experience a zombie attack. All the passengers start turning into walking corpses. In an attempt to stay alive, Seok Woo meets the end to keep his daughter safe. We see Seok Woo go from being selfish to selfless. Directed by Yeon Sang Ho, ‘Train to Busan’ is the perfect portrayal of the Individual vs the Collective.

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3. The Witch: Part 1 The Subversion

The movie opens with a very intense scene. A violent incident takes place in a laboratory, leaving many dead behind. A mysterious young girl escapes. Years later, she grows up with her extraordinary superhuman abilities. The movie’s strength is its plot twist. The movie is quite delicate as well as violent at the same time. The visuals serve the extra points to the film.

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4. The Host

As deceptive and intriguing as the title suggests, ‘The Host’ is viewed straightforwardly as a dark comedy and sentimental drama. A monster terrorizes the banks of the Han river. The monster symbolizes Western imperialism and even the Korean authorities. It makes sense as we see a young girl captured by the monster, leaving her family to rescue her without the help of the higher authorities. 

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5. I Saw the Devil

Directed by Kim Jee Won, ‘I Saw the Devil’ follows a NIS agent on a quest to avenge the brutal murder of her fiancee. He’s obsessed with hunting down the killer. Upon finding him, he beats him brutally and leaves him only to begin the cat and mouse game.  Despite its brutal realism, it gives a glimpse of the madness all men are capable of at some level. It’s one of the best Korean thriller movies you’ll ever see.

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6. The Call

‘What would you do, if you get a chance to travel in the past? ‘The Call’ is an interesting blend of time travel with the components of a thriller. A phone call mysteriously connects two different people living in different eras. In an attempt to bring her father back alive, Seo Yeon realizes the dark truths about him. She has to save herself from the blood-shedding monsters she created. 

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7. Memories of Murder

Directed by Bong Joon Ho, ‘Memories of Murder’ is partially based on Korea’s first confirmed serial murders during the late 1980s. The plot is based on the Hwaseong murders, solved recently. The screenplay covers each and every story and gives each one of them the deserved shock and attention. The killer is portrayed as a  psychopathic monster who is defined as professional and polished. The screenplay is adapted from the stage play ‘Come to See Me’ about the same case. 

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8. A Hard Day

From the opening scene, the movie captivates the attention of the viewers. The movie balances the thriller elements of dark comedy and action with suspense. Shot with tight ends, ‘A Hard Day’ is designed to raise tension. Homicide Detective Go Gun Soo had a very hard day. In addition to attending his mother’s funeral, his department is investigated by the IA. On his way, while driving the already troubled detective hits a homeless man and now he has to take care of that too. 

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9. Bedevilled

‘Bedevilled’ is yet another tale of revenge after ‘I Saw the Devil’. What makes the movie unique is that it’s neither told from the point of view of the villain nor the hero.  Hae Won’s life is already complicated. On top of it, she is a witness of an attempted murder case. Her friend Bok Nam lives in an abusive household. Hae Won steps away not wanting to make her life more complicated. In an attempt to keep her daughter from following her footsteps, Bok Nam tries to run away.

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10. The Wailing

The movie follows a mysterious Japanese man, Gokseong. Upon his arrival, in a  small village in the mountains, the villagers started getting infected and violently killing their families.  The policeman involved in the series of investigations is centered in order to save his daughter.  Directed by Na Hong Jin, the movie is filled with horror scenes and mysterious characters. The supernatural elements of the movie described as ghosts, exorcisms, mythologies, and curses are all brought together by the director.

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Which among these Korean thriller movies did you enjoy the most? Also, let us know your favorite!

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