15 Best McDonald’s Ads That Are Pure Creative Genius

Be it their trademark Macs or addictive fries, McDonald’s has been an important part of our lives and childhood. Besides their scrumptious burgers and delicacies, this global fast-food chain is also known for coming up with absolutely amazing advertisements. Few of the McDonald’s ads are a work of pure creative genius. Burger King Vs McDonald’s has been a part of the marketing and advertising folklore for quite a while now.

We bring you some of the best McDonald’s ads over the years.

1. Open 24 Hours

In one of the best ads by McDonald’s, the Mcburger is shaped like a crescent moon to demonstrate how they are open 24 hours, even deep into the night.

2. Mobile Ordering Is Here

An extremely creative advertisement, this one features phones stacked to give the impression of a burger and to create the overarching metaphor of mobile ordering being available.

3. Wi-fries

One of the best ads by McDonald’s, this simple and innovative commercial features the famous McFries assorted in the form of a wi-fi signal to indicate the availability of free wi-fi at the outlets.

4. The Best Fries In The World

To advertise their proclaimed best fries, Mcdonald’s, in another of their best and most creative ads uses yellow lights to create the imagery of a bunch of fries, and it is extremely interesting to look at.

5. French Fries Fireworks

In order to celebrate the achievement of winning Cannes Creative Marketer of the Year, McDonald’s uses the McFries aligned in the shape of fireworks, yet another extremely creative move.

6. Open 24 Hours

This creative billboard showcases another one of McDonald’s best ads. The billboard shows the time to demonstrate that the nearest outlet is open even at the mentioned time.

7. Follow The Golden Arches

In this clever ad, the arches of the giant M are sliced off and help drivers find the nearest McDonald’s outlet by leading them to it through slightly snidely written directions.

8. Eid Mubarak

With fries made to look like hands offering prayers, this ad is a smart and fun way to wish Eid Mubarak.

9. What Time Is It?

In another one of its best ads, McDonald’s has a billboard that also functions as a sundial and the trident-like hand of the natural clock points at one of the dishes at McD per hour.

10. McCafe

This billboard features cutouts of coffee cups and is used to entice people to the newly opened McCafe outlet nearby.

11. The More the Temperature, the More is the need for some Refreshments

This innovative billboard from McDonald’s gives the real-time temperature while reminding customers about stopping by for a refreshing drink.

12. Open at Night!

One of the most creative things about McDonald’s ads is creating the M from their logo and brand identity using everyday objects in plain sight.

13. Sponsoring the Winter Olympics!

Here’s what happened when McDonald’s was an official sponsor of the Winter Olympics.

Did you know? McDonald’s had been an Olympics sponsor since 1976 before the 41-year-old association was called off in 2017.

14. Here’s to the Good Music & Great Fries!

15. Do Drive Thru!

Which of these McDonald’s ads is your favorite? Do let us know in the comments below!

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