10 Best Memes about MS Dhoni That Promise to Make You Laugh


Mahendra Singh Dhoni- the former captain of the Indian Men’s cricket team, has entertained us through the years with the swing of his willow as well as donning the gloves. His retirement from international cricket last year has left his fans heartbroken. Even with the tremendous amount of success that he has achieved, our Captain Cool has always kept his feet firmly on the ground. He is one of the very few cricketers who have had a biopic (MS Dhoni: The Untold Story) dedicated to them. He endorses a large number of brands and is a popular face on television even for non-sports advertisements. He is also known for his wit and charm that mesmerises all who interact with him. The onscreen persona of the Thala from Ranchi has also created certain meme-worthy moments that have led us to try to curate the 10 best memes about MS Dhoni

1. When she is winning the argument and you need a break

2. When a guy from another section takes a duster without asking

3. When your best friend gives looks to your crush

4. 14 years old me just started dancing in the rain and the rain stopped

5. Me: Yes, I will be there in 5 minutes
Also me: 


6. 14-years-old me reading comics by hiding them in the books

7. When my boss cracks a lame joke

8. She: What hurts you the most?

9. She: I love your footwork
Dhoni: Me too

10. 14 years old me discussing what happens in Suhaagrat with my BFF

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Hilarious, right? Captain Cool never fails to entertain us, either as a cricketer or as a meme subject. Tell us in the comments how funny these memes about MS Dhoni were and share with us the memes you have collected on him.


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