20 Best Memes on Exams Every Student Will Relate To

Anxiety, stress, and fear are just a few of the emotions students experience on exam day. No matter how well you prepare, you seem to end up with cold, sweaty skin as soon as the questions are given. What’s more, you know what’s the worst part? It is awaiting the outcome. If you’re about to take an exam or have recently completed one, try to relax and stay calm. It will assist you in thinking clearly and concentrating on the questions. And, to help you relax, we’ve compiled a hilarious exams meme collection that you should definitely check out. Enjoy the ride by scrolling down! So, here are our top 20 best memes on exams that we are sure every student, university or school, can relate to.


1. Invigilators are real sharks.

2. And still manage to get through every time.

3. My favourite pen was Reynolds 5 Rs pen.

4. 2 seconds used to turn into 3-4 hours.

5. The happiness didn’t stay for too long.

6. What do you mean by exam date aane ke pahle bhi padhna hota hai?

7. Me to invigilator- kya tapleek hai aapko?


9. Topper me: na na na na re na re na

10. Syllabus be like: kyun hila dala na?

11. Me: Ha yeh karlo pahle.

12. Me seeking help from my friends: Excuse me brother, brother idhar.

13. My brain cells: I can’t connect, I’m out.

14. Yeh important hai, yeh toh pakka aayega.

15. Yeh sab doglapan hai.

16. And that topper always used to ditch in the exam hall.

17. Online walo ke majje hai.

18. *mini heart attack moment*

19. Cybercafe wale bhaiya: paisa hi paisa hoga

20. Never completed that chapter.

With that, we’ve come to the end of our list of 20 best memes on exams. We just see memes as something that binds us together even when we can’t be physically present with each other. Let us know which one of the best memes on exams made you laugh the most.

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