20 Hilarious Memes On Online Classes That Are Totally Relatable

The whole experience of going to school for classes has changed since the onset of the pandemic. Regular classes have been replaced by virtual sessions students have to attend from their homes. Online classes have been a different experience altogether for the students as well as teachers. From unsolicited conversations on unmuted phones and a family member interrupting classes to a few over-enthusiastic students crossing their limits, several videos of funny things that happened during online classes have been trending on the Internet.  Memes on Online Classes have also become popular amongst the netizens and online communities of schools and colleges since the world came to a standstill due to the corona pandemic.

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We bring you some of the most hilarious memes on the Internet about the whole experience of online classes.

1. jo bhi tumne mujhse kaha hai…teacher senorita.

2.  Parents: *yeh kis position me aa gaye aap*

3. It takes a lot to be an online class student.

4. Can’t agree more.

5. It’s time to blame the internet.

6. beta alga hi claases le raha hai.

7. Bilkul ricks nahi lene ka.

8. This is literally me.

9. perks of taking an online class.

10. main toh thak gayi bhaisahab.

11. how can we forget what happened to Shweta?

12. abey koi nikalo mujhe yaha se.

13. There’s always a kid with a bad network during the online classes.

14. Still learning to find the link.

15. such a pain.

16. online class engineers: gajab bezzati hai yaar.

17. every single time.

18. Shit! ab fir se bhook lag gayi.

19. Students (who can hear everything): Nahi sir, aawaz nahi aa rahi

20. Teacher: I’m stunned.

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Which of these memes in online classes did you find the most hilarious? Do let us know in the comments below!

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