20 Best Memes On Shweta’s Zoom Call Which Broke The Internet


While the world was struggling with the pandemic, and students were exhausted with their online classes, a girl name Shweta decided to spill out all the secrets of a certain Pandit guy. Shweta, apparently forgot that she had not switched off her microphone during an online class over Zoom call. She was heard gossiping with her friend Radhika, spilling out extremely personal details about Pandit. Some of her batchmates tried to warn her and prevent the mishap saying “Shweta your mic in on”. The others enjoyed this entire proceeding. The clueless (apparently) teacher joined the lecture later and started teaching ‘Possessive Pronouns’. This entire episode went viral on the internet a few days ago and the rage is unbelievable! Let’s have a look at a few hilarious memes on Shweta Zoom Call that have been making rounds on the internet.


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1. Shweta was so engrossed in her sensational gossip delivery that she went deaf to the relentless cries of her amused batchmates. In the words of Ranu Mondal:

2. The role of the teacher in this entire episode is still very dubious. But this jovial take on it is enough to set us all laughing!

3. The level of embarrassment that Shweta must have faced after this entire ordeal is beyond me!

4. This Mirzapur flavored reaction of Shweta’s parents is epic! Definitely, Shweta, if you are reading this, please focus more on your studies and less on the private life of the Pandit guy.

5. It is difficult to imagine the plight of the ‘Pandit’ right now. Sadly, the entire nation knows about his secrets now. His anger would be more than justified.

6. This song from the movie Krrish is so apt for this entire situation!

7. No doubt, the group members were warning Shweta. They still had a wicked wish to listen to the entire story. This meme template from the movie ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, featuring Mr. Malhotra, captures this emotion perfectly!

8. This famous line by stand-up comedian Anubhav Singh Bassi, fits the dilemma of the Pandit guy in the best way possible.

9. I fail to understand why Indians have this irresistible wish to pry into the private lives of people. But we do. I’m sorry Pandit, but even I would like to know how the story ends!

10. The hyperbolic representation of the desires of Pandit’s girlfriend has already been assumed in various interpretations. For example:


11. What is done, is done. Please Shweta, a story should never be left midway. We all need a conclusion, and we need it now!

12. We all need to be extra careful now. No one would like to end up in a situation like Shweta’s. Please check if you have muted your calls or not at least thrice before you plan on doing something like this.

13. The video leaves you hanging, and how! It literally ends with “who banda na Pandit hai”. After that what? The nation needs to know!

14. 2 minutes 51 seconds, that’s too short a length for a sensation of this magnitude!

15. I am saying this again, and I will not repeat this. Girls can keep secrets. Don’t demean an entire community for the stupidity of a few. I’ll go tell this to Radhika and be back in a minute.

16. I guess that the burden of that secret was way too huge on Shweta! It had to be dealt with.

17. To all the guys like Pandit, stop trusting girls like Shweta. Please.

18. As soon as Pandit got the message that Shweta has leaked his secret, he must be like “bada baon baon bada baon”. Haha.

19. In the words of Mr. Namgyal, “Sunne ki shamata rakhiye” Shweta.

20. Even after the relentless warnings of the other group members, Shweta did not/could not hear any of it. She kept on talking, unaware of the fate that awaited her.

All jokes apart, this was a pretty unfortunate incident for the parties involved, especially the Pandit guy. One thing that the Shweta incident taught us all is that we should always be careful about where we are and what we are saying. And yes, always be extra careful about the microphone. You never know when you become a meme these days. These were some of the most hysterical memes on Shweta Zoom Call on the internet. Did they make you laugh? Do let me know in the comments section.


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