40 Best Monday Memes To Kickstart Your Week


Every Sunday night I go to bed terrified, scared, and sad. And so do millions of people across the globe. And the reason is probably the worst invention that man has ever made since he walked on this planet – Monday. Monday has now been terrorizing generations after generations with no sign of respite. After all, who would like to go back to the same old work and office melodrama after a relaxed and lovely weekend? Morning coffee or maybe a warm hug does help, but the catastrophic effects of a Monday Morning are far too damaging. Here are 40 best Monday Memes that sum up our emotions for this day

1. Break Up! Break Up!

2. My feelings exactly 

3. The Beer Monday Meme! And yes – Bitter it would be. 

4. I would join you! 

5. And it does!

6. No means NO!

7. Yes…

8. Repeat it for me! 

9. True Story! 

10. I am truly terrified! My fav amongst the Monday Memes, BTW! 

11. #MeToo

12. Exactly! 

13. Neither have I…

14. That Monday Expression! 

15. Sob Sob! 

16. My story is the same…

17. Monday Motivation Level…

18. Added to Dictionary! 

19. Monday Mornings are sometime hard to believe

20. Yes, Face it! 


21. Why? 

22. What’s the opposite of Friday? Monday! 

23. That’s like God’s gift! Hope to post this Monday Meme on my timeline more often!  

24. Damn it! 

25. Again #MeToo

26. Emptiness…

27. May the force be with you

28. Coooffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

29. This Monday Meme is for the GOT fans. I strongly feel “All Men Must Die” on Mondays

30. Just F**k Off, Dear…

31. I need more hours on my Sunday clock!

32. It isn’t…who said?

33. We all want to turn on our Phoebe mode on Monday…

34. No amount of motivation can do what coffee would do!

35. Don’t miss any second of Sunday!

36. Monday wakes you up in a really shocking way!

37. Be careful or you might get blinded by that intense glow!

38. Even Monalisa has to struggle on Mondays…

39. You didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye to that glorious free Friday afternoon…

40. Yes, the reality is harsh…

If you are reading this on a Monday Morning, we advise you to stay strong and extend solidarity with your struggles. These best Monday Memes might just tell you that we share the same feelings and emotions with regard to this day of the week.

Do you also have a few more amazing Monday Memes you would like to share? Mail it to us and we will add them to this article.

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