Best Movies About College Life

College movies can bring back a lot of memories. Whether you graduated recently or have been out of school for a few years, nostalgia can be a nice way to reflect on where you are and where you’ve been. In this article, we discuss 8 of the best movies about college life.

8 of the best movies on college life

The movies will be discussed here aren’t necessarily educational movies for students; however, they include something related to college in one way. Here are 8 of some of the best movies on college life:

1. Pitch Perfect

This movie, released in 2012, this movie is a movie, Capella and music fans, in general, will enjoy. The movie’s plot revolves around a university all-female vocal group that goes on the amaze the singing world by winning competitions one after the other—a truly epic movie.

2. Everybody wants some

This movie was released in 2016 but is set in the year 1980. A college freshman named Jake (Blake Jenner) gets up to mischief with his new friends. He ignores the warnings of his coach and instead focuses on having a great time. There’s a lot of 80’s nostalgia in this movie that makes it a nice watch.

3. Neighbors

Mac and Kelly (Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne) are two parents who move into a new neighborhood with their baby girl. However, things begin to turn sour when their next-door neighbor moves in with his fraternity. The war that ensues will bring comedic tears to your eyes.

4. Sydney White

This movie covers the story of Sydney White (Amanda Bynes), a college freshman who has made it a priority to pledge for her mother’s sorority. However, she finds that things are not what they seem and soon joins forces with other outcasts to change things. An exciting movie that you’ll find yourself watching more than once.

5. The great debaters

This movie was released in 2007, with the movie itself set in the 1930s during the jim-crow era. It’s based on a true-life story of how poet and professor Melvin B. Tolson (Denzel Washington) goes to a predominantly black school and ends up coaching the students to compete with students from Harvard. It’s an awesome movie that you won’t want to not watch.

6. The Waterboy

In this movie, Bobby Boucher Jr.(Adam Sandler)  discovers he has a talent for football and decides to join the college team against his mother’s wishes. This movie is filled with many funny things; you won’t stop laughing. If you find yourself writing an essay on this movie or on any topic for that matter, you might want to consider working with expert essay writers online, so you get the best results.

7. 22 Jump Street

This movie was released in 2014 and is an exciting sequel to Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill’s comedy 21 Jump Street. The plot of the movie revolves around two police officers from the previous movie as they go undercover again. However, this time, they are aiming to catch drug dealers in a university. It‘s an exciting movie with many laughs.

8. The Roommate

This movie was released in 2011. It’s an enthralling movie starring actress Leighton Meester as Rebecca, who decides to have a new roommate, Sara. However, what started as a healthy friendship later dissolves into an obsession. There’s a high chance you might not want a roommate after watching this movie.

Final Thoughts

College movies are great ways to reminisce about campus life with friends. Some of the films listed in this article were pure comedy, while some had a more serious tone. Hopefully, you were able to find one that suits your taste.

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Barbara Fielder is a writer and vocalist. She enjoys singing and hanging out with friends. Barbara also likes to assist people when she can, as she regularly looks for volunteering opportunities. 

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