22 Best Movies of Shah Rukh Khan That Will Surely Turn You Into a Fan


Shah Rukh Khan is undoubtedly one of the most popular actors in Bollywood. His brilliance on-screen and his charming, quick-witted personality offscreen, are just some of the things that have earned him such a huge fan base. He is better known as the King of Romance, for he is the actor who redefined the concept of love for the Indian masses. He started his career as a TV artist and became popular with shows like ‘Fauji’ and ‘Circus’. In Bollywood, he got a break with the movie ‘Deewana’ in 1992. In a career that has lasted for three decades, he has managed to win hearts across the world. His performances in movies such as Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Chak De India are considered iconic in the true sense of the word. Here’s a list of some of the best movies of Shah Rukh Khan that will surely turn you into a fan if you aren’t already one!


1. My Name Is Khan

“My name is Khan and I’m not a terrorist.” This movie is a powerful, heart-rending, and hopeful narration of the story of a Muslim man with Aspergers Syndrome named Rizwan Khan. Rizwan and his wife Mandira’s life turns upside down after a tragic event and Rizwan sets out alone to change the world’s perception of his community. It is one of the most honest performances of Shah Rukh Khan.

2. Swades

Mohan, a man working for NASA returns to India in search of his old nanny, Kaveri Amma. He finds himself in a remote village, rich in culture but devoid of the comforts of modern life. This movie is not a loud saga of patriotism but a poignant reminder that we owe something to our motherland. Swades is one of the most underrated movies of SRK.

3. Paheli

In this extremely interesting story, a ghost living in an ancient tree falls in love with a newlywed woman named Lachchi. He guises himself as Lachchi’s husband and stays close to her while her real husband is away on business. SRK is a delight to watch in this film.

4. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

“Palat, palat, palat!” We would all agree that this is the most iconic Bollywood movie ever. The love story of Raj and Simran has acted as the benchmark for generations of lovers. It is one of the most loved performances of SRK, not just in India but all over the world. From the reunion in the yellow mustard fields to the classic train scene at the end, every moment of this film is simply out of this world! In this movie, he proves to the world that he is indeed the king of romance. Right, Senorita? (Mandolin playing in the background)

5. Devdas

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s adaptation of the classic story of Devdas is another wonderful movie starring Shah Rukh Khan. The sheer intensity with which he delivers the role of Dev is heartbreakingly divine. Okay, let’s not talk about any other scene but the one where he carries Paro’s palanquin on his shoulder after the former gets married, with the song ‘Humesha Tumko Chahan’ playing in the background. Goosebumps!

6. Kal Ho Naa Ho

Aman! How can a character make you smile as you have never been happier and then make you cry as you’ve never been sad, both at the same time? SRK has achieved that feat in this film. “Jiyo! Khush Raho! Muskurao. Kya pata kal ho na ho.” Sighs.

7. Baazigar

SRK shines as the villain in this movie as he tactfully plans an act of revenge against a businessman by murdering his daughter (classic Shilpa Shetty being toppled down from the building scene). He then pretends to fall for the younger daughter while protecting his identity as her sister’s ex. I’m telling you, this movie is a thrill ride.

8. Dil Se

Okay, a journalist falls for a terrorist and all, that’s the plot. But let’s focus on the 6.5 minutes of the magical Chaiyya Chaiyya performance on the top of a train! I mean, if that isn’t one of the best songs in Bollywood what is? Okay, back to SRK’s performance in the rest of the movie, it’s magnificent. That’s the perfect word to describe it.

9. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

“Pyaar dosti hai!” Rahul and Anjali are best friends in college. Rahul falls for Tina, the principal’s daughter, while Anjali realizes that she loves Rahul. Triangle ensues. Cut to, 8 years later Rahul and Tina’s daughter, also named Anjali, sets out to reunite with Rahul and Anjali to fulfill the last wish of her mother. Shah Rukh Khan portrays the role of a college student and then a father in the most entertaining way possible while still maintaining his ever-charming aura.

10. Dear Zindagi

I wish I had a therapist like Dr. Jehangir Khan in my life. In this beautiful movie, SRK plays the role of an unconventional therapist to the character of Alia Bhatt, and boy does he do a good job! This role is considered one of the most refined performances of Shah Rukh’s career.

11. Darr

Decades before the show You was popular, this film about a stalker was the talk of the town. This psychological thriller established the image of Shah Rukh Khan as a dangerous and psychotic villain. His acting in this film is so on point that one cannot believe that this is the same guy who is known for his extremely romantic films. “Kkkkk…Kiran”, c’mon, everyone tries to imitate that.


12. Veer Zaara

Veer-Zaara is an epic romantic story about an Indian pilot named Veer and a Pakistani girl named Zaara whose love goes beyond time and borders. Just imagine, staying away from the love of your life for 22 long years, unaware if the other person is dead or alive. I’m not crying, you are crying! Sighs.

13. Kabhi Han Kabhi Naa

What is it with Shah Rukh Khan and love triangles, macha? This movie is about a love triangle between a girl named Anna who loves Chris, but Sunil loves Anna (We all know that from the song “Anna mere Pyaar ko”). So this Sunil guy cooks up misunderstandings between Anna and Chris because you know. Heart-melting acting, soulful songs, feel-good vibes, what else do you need from a movie?

14. Main Hoon Na

If SRK kneeling and singing RD Burman songs for his chemistry professor isn’t peak romance, then what is? SRK stars as Major Ram who goes undercover to a college as a student to protect his general’s daughter and reconcile with his stepfamily. The movie is filled with romance, action, comedy, and pure SRK magic.

15. Ra.One

Who would have thought that SRK would ever star in a superhero movie? But he did. And how! The VFX used in the movie was way ahead of its time and received unsurmountable praise.

16. Fan

One of the most riskiest and challenging movies of his career, Shah Rukh Khan shined in this movie as he had never before. SRK plays the role of a superstar and also his super-obsessed fan in this spine-chilling thriller.

17. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Suri’s partner falls for Tani’s partner and gets married to her. But Tani’s partner falls for Raj’s partner who is Suri but in disguise. Sorry for using the word ‘partner’ so many times. But that’s where the feeling lies, right? (Seriously, what is it what SRK and love triangles!)

18. Shakti

Even though Shah Rukh Khan played the supporting role of a local drifter named Jaisingh in this movie, he stole the show. Although this extremely powerful movie had much more than just SRK that could be considered appreciable and applause-worthy. From a carefree man dancing to the song ‘Ishq Kameena’ with Aishwariya to being a sacrificing hero at the end, his character development in this movie is top-notch.

19. Pardes

Shah Rukh’s character Arjun is the oxygen of this movie as he pops up on the screen to make everyone’s life better with his cheerfulness and charm. If only people loved each other as Arjun loves Ganga in this movie! The songs from this movie will never grow old, ‘Yeh Dil’ is still everyone’s jam, TBH.

20. Chak De India

Coach Kabir Khan became a household name after the release of this movie. The movie filled the hearts of every Indian with a fresh fervor of patriotism and a newfound zeal for the sport of hockey. I mean, the “Sattar minute” monologue is still the most motivating speech for us Indians. Isn’t it?

21. Jawan

It’s an action thriller film where you will see SRK in all possible roles that you can imagine! SRK in bald look? Check. Playing the double role of the father-son duo? Check. Portraying the role of a brave army man? Check! This high-octane movie has songs, actions, dialogues, and a storyline that compels people of all ages to stand up from their seats and cheer for Shah Rukh Khan!

22. Pathaan

This action thriller shows King Khan acting as an Indian agent who has to stop a raw agent who went astray and is now acting against the country to take revenge. This movie has a gripping storyline, Shah Rukh Khan fits perfectly in all action sequences, and his equally brilliant chemistry with Deepika Padukone. John Abraham played a great role as a villain. The movie came after 4 years of gap and so Shah Rukh Khan fans were all the more elated!

Honourable Mentions: Don, Om Shanti Om, Zero, Jab Tak Hai Jaan

We believe in King Khan’s supremacy. So, these were some of the best movies by Shah Rukh Khan, aka King Khan. Which of his movies is your favorite?

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