20 Best Places to Visit in India in January


New Year’s resolutions are always made, parties are planned with friends and family, and a new travel bucket list is made. We’ve hand-picked some of the best places to visit in India in January, and we recommend you add them to your list as well! It comprises of 20 places to visit in January, ranging from picturesque hill stations with lush green forests, beautiful beaches to watch the best sunrise and sunset, and cities with palaces and temples.

1. Goa

In January, Goa is one of the most popular places to visit in India in January. The casinos in Goa become even wilder during this month, earning the city the moniker “Las Vegas of India.” The best feelings you can have on New Year’s Eve are fireworks and trance music, with sand tickling your toes! The list continues with the most boisterous EDM party, the feast of St. Francis Xavier, and the Sunburn Music Festival. Everything you could want for a wild Christmas and New Year’s Eve is available here.

Image Source: Pavel Volkov (Flickr) 

How To Reach:

Goa is connected to the country’s major cities by an extensive network of airways, railways, and highways. Dabolim Airport and Margao Railway Station are both in Goa, and both have taxis and local buses, making getting to the main city much easier.

2. Andaman-Nicobar

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a group of about 600 islands in the Bay of Bengal that is known for their beautiful beaches, dense forests, and exciting water sports. In January, the humid and sultry island state of Andamans and Nicobar Islands is at its best. Visitors can fully enjoy the crystal clear waters and stunning coral reefs thanks to the mild winter weather. These tiny islands are a must-see, with activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, and visiting the stunning national parks.

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How to Reach:

Flying from mainland India to Andaman is the quickest way to get there. Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Vizag all have direct flights. From anywhere else in the country, connecting flights are available. There are currently no international ship or flight services available in Andaman.

3. Kashmir

Witness the first snowfall in Kashmir in January as you go glacial sighting in this winter wonderland. The temperature in Sonamarg’s gold meadow plummets to subzero levels during this month. Visit the Thajiwas Glacier, which was previously unknown. Sledge rides, snowboarding, and skiing are the best things to do in January here. Don a red Santa Claus coat and hop on a sledge while singing “jingle bells” against the backdrop of breathtaking hills at one of the best places to visit in India in January.

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How to Reach:

Fly into Kashmir via Srinagar Airport, which is well connected to major Indian cities and is 15 kilometres away. Air India, GoAir, IndiGo, and Jet Airways operate regular flights between Delhi, Goa, Jammu, Leh, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Taxis can be hired from the airport to take visitors to various cities and towns in Kashmir.

4. Auli

Next on our list of the best places to visit in India this January is Auli. Auli, India’s premier ski resort destination, is a small but picture-perfect town. Auli’s skiing slopes, which were originally built as a paramilitary base, are popular with both tourists and professionals. Auli hosts a number of snow adventure events during the winter.

Auli, which stands at around 2,800 metres and is surrounded by acres of oak and coniferous forests, provides panoramic views of some of India’s highest peaks, including Nanda Devi, the country’s second-highest peak (7,816m). It also serves as a gateway to the Nanda Devi and Valley of Flowers National Parks, which include the Hemkund Sahib gurdwara, as well as popular trekking destinations like Gorson Bugyal, Pangerchulla Summit, and Tapovan. Apart from Auli, Uttarakhand has a number of other ski resorts, including Dayara Bugyal, Munsiyari, and Mundali.

Image Source: Kebi (Flickr)

How to Reach:

Taking a bus from Delhi to Rishikesh is the best way to get to Auli. This will be an overnight trip. Dehradun’s Jolly Grant airport is the closest to Auli. The most convenient way to get to Auli from Dehradun is to take a taxi or take a bus. Haridwar railway station is the nearest railway station to Auli, and it is 273 kilometres away.

5. Rajasthan (Udaipur-Jaisalmer-Pushkar-Jaipur)


Because of its location in a valley surrounded by four lakes, it is sometimes referred to as the “Venice of the East.” Because of its natural beauty, mesmerising temples, and breathtaking architecture, Udaipur is one of the best places to visit in India in January. A boat ride through the calm waters of Lake Pichola will show you why Udaipur is Rajasthan’s pride. Visit Udaipur’s stunning Ranakpur Jain Temple, the historic Udaipur City Palace, and Bagore Ki Haveli’s winter season of cultural events.

Source: Wikimedia Commons


Because of its proximity to the Thar Desert, the Golden City, near the Pakistani border, is a popular tourist destination. Winter is a great time to go on camel desert safaris, watch the spectacular colours of the desert sunset, or spend a night in luxurious desert camping.

Image Source: hurricanepower (Instagram)


Jaipur is a vibrant amalgamation of old and new. The capital of the royal state of Rajasthan is Jaipur, also known as the Pink City. It was ruled by Rajput kingdoms for centuries before being developed as a planned city in the 17th century AD. Jaipur’s winters are mild and sunny, with cooler nights, making it an ideal destination for sightseeing. Satisfy your cravings with Rajasthani delicacies and dollops of ghee during the colder winter nights.

The Jal Mahal in Jaipur
Image Source: Joao Eduardo Figueiredo (Flickr)

How to Reach:

Travelling to Rajasthan by plane is the most convenient and cost-effective option. From major Indian cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata, direct flights to the state’s most important regions – Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur – are available.

6. Rann Of Kutch

In January, when the salt turns blue in the moonlight, it is the best time to visit the white desert. It’s a magical experience to sleep in a tent on the outskirts of Dhordo village. In January, Kutch comes alive with a slew of festivities known as the Kutch Festival. This salty land is home to the only two-month-long festival. Consider going to the Rann Utsav for an unforgettable experience if you’re looking for places to visit in India in January. Gujarat is one of the warmest places to visit in India in January, for those who are unaware. The sun is tolerable during the day, to be fair.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

How to Reach:

Bhuj is the closest airport to the Rann of Kutch. From Bhuj, you can take an auto or a taxi to the Rann of Kutch, which hosts the grand Rann Utsav. The flight takes about an hour and ten minutes. Airlines such as IndiGo, GoAir, SpiceJet, Jet Airways, and Air India are among the options.

7. Kerala (Alleppey-Kovalam)


Alleppey is a city in the Indian state of Kerala, also known as Alappuzha. It’s known for its vast network of interconnected, palm-fringed canals known as backwaters, as well as rejuvenating Ayurvedic resorts on the Laccadive Sea’s edge.

Source: PixaBay


Kovalam is best known for its three pristine beaches with shallow waters and low tidal waves where visitors can go surfing, wooden boating, and motorboating. Lighthouse Beach, Samudra Beach, and Hawah Beach, which form a majestic rocky crescent, are Kovalam’s three most famous beaches. The small town of Kovalam is densely forested with coconut trees, which gives it the name “grove of coconut trees.” Kovalam is relatively dry and warm in January. This is the place to go if you want to get away from the cold this winter.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

How to Reach:

The state’s three main airports are Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, and Kozhikode. Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi each have an international airport that serves major domestic and international flights throughout the year, whereas Karipur Airport in Kozhikode only serves domestic flights. Kerala has an efficient train network that connects it to all of India’s major cities, including the four metropolises of New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai.

8. Odisha (Bhubaneswar-Puri-Konark-Chilika)


The capital of Odisha is next on our list of places to visit in India. Bhubaneshwar, which means “Lord of the Universe” in English, is a wonderful blend of history and modernity. The beauty of Bhubaneshwar is such that neither the scorching heat nor the torrential rain can deter people from flocking in large numbers to the city. In Bhubaneshwar, high temperatures and humidity are common, and monsoons bring torrential rain. Bhubaneshwar’s summers are scorching, and the oppressive heat makes getting around the city difficult. The winters are mild, with lows of up to 8 degrees Celsius. As a result, the best months to visit are October to February, when the weather is mild enough for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Image Source: Manfred Sommer (Flickr)


Puri is a lovely city in Odisha, India’s easternmost state. It is located on the Bay of Bengal and has a beautiful sunlit landscape with palm trees and glistening waves on the beach. The city attracts a diverse tourist population, including holy worshippers in temples and beachgoers, making it one of India’s and the world’s most admired tourist destinations. It is one of the Char Dham, or four holiest Hindu pilgrimage sites, and is visited by a large number of people every year during the magnificent Rath Yatra. Many world-famous temples, such as Jagannath Temple, Gundicha Temple, Vimala Temple, Loknath Temple, and others, are located here.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


One of the best places to visit in Orissa is this historic town on the Bay of Bengal coast in the Puri District. Konark is a significant cultural and heritage site in India, as well as one of East India’s most popular tourist destinations. The beauty of Konark lies in its diverse landscape. The Sun Temple in Konark, built in the 13th century, is one of the country’s most impressive structures. The Sun God’s chariot, which is pulled by seven horses and has 12 pairs of intricately carved wheels, is depicted at this UNESCO-protected site. Traditional Kalinga architecture can still be seen in the vimana, shikara, audience hall, dance hall, and other structures.

Source: Wikimedia Commons


Chilika Lake, India’s largest coastal lake, is a brackish water lagoon located 195 kilometres from Bhubaneswar in Odisha. This lake is one of the best places to visit near Bhubaneswar because it is home to a variety of endangered aquatic life and aquatic birds that migrate to the lake during the winter months. Various bird sanctuaries can be visited, as well as the natural beauty of the area.

Image Source: Pallab Seth (Flickr)

How to Reach:

Flying from Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Airport to Odisha is the quickest way to get there. The journey takes about two hours. When people arrive at the airport, they can use the cab, taxi, or bus services that are waiting outside. It’s best to purchase your tickets in advance, especially if you’ll be travelling during peak season. The state’s most important rail hub is Bhubaneshwar. The Rajdhani, Konark Express, and Coromandel Express are some of the trains that stop at this station. Buses, taxis, and cabs are all available as soon as you exit the train station.

9. Varanasi

Varanasi is known as the “City of Gods” and is revered by Hindus. It is the world’s oldest living city. The streets along the Ganges’ banks are extremely narrow, and cows can be seen from a great distance. Aside from that, there are numerous temples to visit if you want to learn more about the culture of the country.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

How to Reach:

The city’s two main railheads are Varanasi railway junction and Kashi railway junction, both of which connect to major cities. Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport is also located in the city.

10. Madhya Pradesh (Khajuraho-Orccha-Kanha)



Khajuraho India is located in the forested plains of central India’s Madhya Pradesh state, in the Bundelkhand region. The location is remote from the majority of the state’s cities and towns. Khajuraho, India’s art, attracts a large number of visitors. The most important festival in Khajuraho is Mahashivratri. Shiva’s marriage to Parvati, the Himalayan’s daughter, is commemorated during the festival.

Source: Wikimedia Commons


Orchha, known for its grand palaces, intricately carved temples, and striking forts, is a city rich in history and a photographer’s dream. For the best weather and scenery, visit Orchha in December for a trip rich in history and heritage. Orchha was the capital of the Bundelas, one of India’s most powerful dynasties. The havelis and temples’ sheer grandeur and magnificence are truly breathtaking. The best time to visit Orchha is in the winter, from December to February, when the weather is pleasant and the atmosphere is lovely. This is also the busiest time of year for travel.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

How to Reach:

The Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport (IDR), located 8 kilometres west of Indore, is Madhya Pradesh’s largest airport. Direct flights are available from Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Goa. Regular flights from Indore Airport to various Indian cities are offered by airlines such as Jet Airways and IndiGo. Because of its central location, most major trains pass through MP, including the Rajdhani, Shatabdi, and Garib Rath expresses.

11. Coastal Gujarat (Dwarka-Somnath-Gir National Park)


Dwarka, known for its Lord Krishna shrine, is thought to have been Gujarat’s first capital. Dwarka, in Gujarat’s Saurashtra peninsula, is a part of the Char Dham pilgrimage and one of the seven ancient cities (Sapta Puris). Dwarka, also known as Dwaravati, is derived from the words ‘dwara’, which means door, and ‘ka,’ which means Brahma. As a result, Dwarka refers to the entrance to Brahma or Moksha.

Source: Wikimedia Commons


Somnath is an important pilgrimage destination in Gujarat, situated at the confluence of three rivers at the ‘Triveni Sangam’ and adorned with numerous temples. One of Lord Shiva’s 12 Jyotirlinga shrines is located in the coastal town.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Gir National Park

The Asiatic Lions’ only remaining home is in Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is part of the Kathiawar- Gir dry deciduous forests ecoregion and is located in Talala Gir, Gujarat. Every year, from June 16 to October 15, Gir National Park is closed. Gir offers you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit a location that plays a critical and defining role in the preservation and survival of a particular species. When these lions were on the verge of extinction due to hunting, the Nawab of Junagadh took action to save them.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

How to Reach:

Gujarat has 17 airports, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Ahmedabad’s Sardar Vallabhbhai International Airport has good connections to major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai. Ahmedabad is 9 kilometres away from this airport. Trains run to and from major cities in Gujarat, including Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab. Porbandar, Surat, Gandhidham, Vadodara, Veraval, Rajkot, and Ahmedabad are some of the other major railway stations in Gujarat. The Railway Station in Ahmedabad connects you to various parts of Gujarat as well as major cities across the country.

12. Delhi

Nothing compares to the allure of Delhi in January. Every winter, the capital city of India charms its visitors in a variety of ways: beautiful people, vibrant festivals, and one national carnival. Delhi is one of the best places to visit in India in January because of its allure.

The fine ancient architecture of the mediaeval era leaves you in awe, while the Mughlai delicacies of Old Delhi tickle the taste buds. But if I had to pick one reason for anyone to come to the city in January, it would have to be the Republic Day parade. The parade depicts various aspects of India and astounds onlookers with its sheer brilliance and flawless execution. The India Art Fair is yet another eagerly anticipated event for art lovers. And the winter in Delhi is to die for!

Source: Wikimedia Commons

How to Reach:

Delhi is well connected to all major cities within and outside India via domestic and international flights. The railway network connects Delhi to nearly all of India’s major and minor destinations. New Delhi Railway Station, Old Delhi Railway Station, and Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station are the three most important railway stations in Delhi.

13. Darjeeling

Take a tour of Darjeeling’s charming Himalayan mountain peaks, such as Kanchenjunga, and beautiful Buddhist monasteries, such as Ghum Monastery. Darjeeling, known for its tea estates and toy train, is a popular destination for travellers seeking a break from the heat and urban chaos, making it one of the best places to visit in India in January. In Darjeeling, West Bengal, make sure to ride the toy train and feel the mountain breeze in your hair for an exhilarating experience.


Image Source: Saurabh Chatterjee (Flickr)

How to Reach:

Darjeeling’s nearest airport is Bagdogra, which is approximately 95 kilometres away. Darjeeling has some direct flights from cities such as Kolkata, Delhi, and Guwahati. Taxis can be hired from the airport to get into the city. The journey from the airport to Darjeeling will take nearly three hours. Darjeeling’s nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri, which connects the city to the rest of the country. Kolkata, Delhi, Guwahati, Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Bhubaneshwar, and Kochi are among the cities with trains. To get to Darjeeling, people can hire private cabs from the station.

14. Jim Corbett

At Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, experience the thrill of seeking out an adventure trail in the middle of nowhere in the dense jungles of Uttarakhand. Jim Corbett is one of India’s most well-known wildlife parks, known for its flora and fauna as well as jeep safaris, making it one of the best places to visit in January with family. Explore Jim Corbett’s dense forests and go on a jungle safari in search of tigers. There are numerous resorts in the park where you can relax and unwind in the midst of nature.

Image Source: Hardik Pala (Flickr)

How to Reach:

Pantnagar Airport is the closest airport. The nearest railway station is Ramnagar.

15. Karnataka (Gokarna-Murudeshwar)


Gokarna is a Hindu pilgrimage town in Karnataka known for its stunning scenery and pristine beaches. Gokarna, on the Karwar coast, is a popular beach and hippie destination. The beaches of Kudle and Om, located outside of town, are well-known. The location, which is surrounded by palm trees, is mostly visited by foreigners, with only a few Indians present.

Image Souce: sirsiattractions


Murudeshwar is home to the world’s second-tallest Shiva statue (123 feet). It is a popular picnic spot for people from Kerala and Karnataka, with the shimmering Arabian Sea on three sides and the magnificent Western Ghats imposing their presence on this town. The beaches and adventure activities on Netrani Island are popular with tourists.

Murudeshwar temple and fort are also popular tourist attractions, enticing visitors with their rustic charm and natural beauty. Netrani Island, which is close by, is also a popular tourist destination due to its excellent snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities. However, due to human intervention, the Murudeshwar beach has become overcrowded and filthy and should be avoided.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

How to Reach:

The train is a convenient and cost-effective way to travel to Karnataka. Bengaluru’s City Railway Station is the most important railway station in the city.

16. Hampi

UNESCO has designated Hampi, the city of ruins, as a World Heritage Site. This historical delight for visitors is located in the shadowed depths of hills and valleys in the state of Karnataka. Hampi is a backpacker’s paradise, with 500 ancient monuments, beautiful temples, bustling street markets, bastions, treasury buildings, and captivating remains of the Vijayanagar Empire. Hampi is a popular way to see the city from the perspective of its history, with over 100 locations to explore.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

How to Reach:

The nearest railway station to Hampi (13 km) is Hospet Junction, which is well connected to the rest of the country via an extensive train network.

17. Coorg

Coorg is a beautiful destination in Karnataka that is surrounded by lush greenery. Coorg is also a great place to go for a weekend getaway if you want to get away from the city and relax in the greenery. Coorg is a charming place with gushing waterfalls, ancient temples, and plenty of greenery, and it has a pleasant climate all year. To enjoy a detoxifying vacation in Coorg, head to the dense forests and green hills of Coorg.

Source: PixaHive

How to Reach:

Coorg does not have its own airport, so Mangalore Airport is the closest civil airport. Mangalore Airport, which is 160 kilometres from Coorg, is well connected to India’s major cities, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Coorg does not have a railway station. The nearest railway station to Coorg is Mysore Railway Station. Mysore Railway Station, about 107 kilometres from Coorg, is well connected to almost all of India’s major cities.

18. Mumbai

If you are planning a trip to Mumbai, believe us when we say that while it may appear intimidating at first, it is not. In fact, it is one of India’s friendliest cities. The people here have an incredible amount of energy and live in a fast-paced environment. The heart of Mumbai has some of the best and most beautiful colonial architecture, and if you venture out into the backstreets, you’ll find several unique bazaars, temples, fine restaurants, and unique nightlife. Before becoming the city that it is today, Mumbai was a collection of seven islands that eventually came together to form Bombay.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

How to Reach:

The primary international airport serving the Mumbai Metropolitan Area is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, formerly known as Sahar International Airport. It’s about 30 kilometres from CST Station. The most popular station in Mumbai is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Trains to Mumbai depart from all of India’s major railway stations.

19. Rameshwaram

Pamban Bridge connects a small island and a major pilgrimage centre in the Gulf of Mannar to the mainland. Sri Rama offered his repentance prayer to Lord Siva on his return from Ceylon after the Ravana Yudhdham in Lanka, asking Lord Siva to forgive him for the sins he had committed by slaying Ravana. The temple has 22 holy theertham (wells), which are thought to represent the 22 arrows in Rama’s quiver. The magnificent corridors and massive sculptured pillars of the Ramanathaswamy temple are well-known. The third corridor of the Ramanathaswamy temple is the world’s longest.

Source: Flickr

How to Reach:

Madurai Airport, which is about 149 kilometres from Rameshwaram, is the closest airport. To get to the city and beyond, take buses, cabs, or rented taxis from outside the airport. The Rameshwaram railway station is the rail link that connects the city to the rest of the world. Trains run on all major routes, and it is well connected to many parts of the country.

20. Amritsar 

In the heart of Punjab, Amritsar is a major commercial and cultural centre. The Golden Temple, also known as the Harmandir Sahib, is located in the city and serves as the spiritual and cultural centre of the Sikh religion. Admire the Indian and Pakistani soldiers who march off every night at the Wagha Border, as well as the Jallian Wala Bagh, which was the site of the 1919 Amritsar Massacre.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

How to Reach:

The Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport in Amritsar is about 11 kilometres from the city centre and serves more than 160 domestic and international flights. Amritsar Railway Station serves nearly every major Indian city, including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Agra, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and Chandigarh.

So, we have come to the end of our list of the best places to visit in India in January. We hope you start the new year with all the serotonin that comes with travelling. Let your little traveller hearts free this January.

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