10 Best Places to Visit in Tripura


Tripura is a hilly state in Northeast India that gets little attention, and we’re not sure why. The state is home to 19 tribes, all of which are friendly and hospitable to visitors. In Tripura, there are numerous locations to see that will make it all worthwhile. It would be a huge list to cover a complete state, so we’re assisting in the compilation of a list of must-see locations. These places to visit in Tripura are quite enjoyable to see and will add value to your journey. Remember to save your favourites!

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1. Amarpura 

Amarpura is a popular picnic location in Tripura and is one of the greatest places to visit in Tripura. People frequently drive here on weekends to relax and pass the time on the banks of the Amar Sagar lake, a 16th-century artificial lake. The city is largely made up of historical ruins, although it also boasts a Mangalchand temple (the eight-headed goddess). In addition, during the month of February, a fair is conducted to commemorate the month of flowers. Dumboor Lake and Chobimura Lake are the other lakes in this area. Amarpura has a water sports facility as well.

2. Melaghar 

Melaghar is a settlement 50 kilometres from Agartala. The Neermahal, which is located in the midst of Rudrasagar Lake, is well-known in the area. The environment exudes a serene atmosphere. The Durga Puja Festival is also well-known. When the town was illuminated with brilliant lights during the festival, it appeared to be blessed. Various puja pandals are being held along the roads, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Ratha Yatra, which takes place every year in July, is another important festival in Melaghar. You may satisfy your shopping urges by visiting Anandabazar, which provides everything from everyday necessities to large showrooms to meet your demands.

3. Neermahal Palace at Melaghar

Neermahal Palace, one of the most popular places to visit in Tripura, is located in the centre of Rudrasagar Lake. This Palace not only allows visitors to see a stunning edifice, but it also allows them to appreciate the natural beauty of the area. In English, the name translates to ‘water palace’. When it comes to the country’s seven wonders, Neermahal Palace has a place on the list. This Palace, which was built by Martin & Burns Co., has a regal Antar Mahal, a guest chamber, a playing area, a courtyard, and much more!

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4. Kailashahar 

Kailashahar is another town in Tripura that is close to the Bangladesh border, making it one of the best places to visit in Tripura. In ancient times, the town was the capital of Tripura, and it has roots in Unakoti. Durga puja is Kailashahar’s primary event, and the city is decked out in festive lights and Goddess Durga pandals. Beautiful sceneries and lush green plants abound in the town. Lakhi Narayan Bari and Chouddo Devotar Temple are the primary tourist attractions here. There are also other tea estates in the area. Some are privately owned, and the majority are well-known for the organic tea they produce.

5. Unakoti (Kailashahar)

Unakoti, which translates to “one less than a crore” in English, is one of the most intriguing sites to visit in Tripura for people looking for something different. This location is near the village of Kailasahwar and is home to hundreds of thousands of gigantic rock-cut constructions that are awe-inspiring. Unakoti is a unique site with an old air enclosing the atmosphere because of the numerous scattered temple ruins.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

6. Ujjayanta Palace (Agartala)

Ujjayanata Palace, a renowned Tripura attraction, is one of the most striking constructions to be seen on the state’s floors. After being completely devastated by a severe earthquake in 1897, Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya rebuilt the palace in 1901 AD. This Palace has a beautiful Mughal garden with melodic fountains, plush grassland, artificial lakes, and the regal ancestry of the great ancestors.


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

7. Jampui Hills

Jampui Hills, in Tripura’s northern region, are one of the most well-known places to visit in Tripura. These hills rise to a height of 1000 metres above sea level. The region is known for its gorgeous valleys and breathtaking scenery, as well as its abundance of luscious oranges. Ujjayanta Palace, Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary, and Chittagong Hills are among the city’s key attractions. November is the ideal month to visit Jampui Hills. The refuge is home to a wide range of wildlife and includes a research centre. This refuge is home to more than 150 different bird species.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

8. Dharamnagar 

Dharamnagar, located in the northwestern portion of Tripura, is the state’s second-largest city after Agartala. The area is noted for its stunning natural scenery. This city is home to a number of excellent boarding schools. Both in the winter and summer, the weather is consistently pleasant. However, the area is bedecked with torrential rains. The city was built on top of ancient ruins and is home to a number of well-known historical monuments. Haflong is a well-known tea garden that is noted for its beauty and is located near Dharamnagar. Unakoti, an ancient site with massive rock-cut images, is also close to Dharmanagar.

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9. Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most interesting places to visit in Tripura for animal and plant lovers everywhere. This nature sanctuary covers an area of around 19 kilometres and is home to a variety of fascinating flora and fauna. A wide range of local and migratory birds can be found in this area. The sanctuary’s floors are also covered in coffee and rubber plantations, which are a visual and spiritual delight.

Image Source: Tripura Tourism 

10. Udaipur 

Udaipur, formerly known as Rangamati, is a town in Tripura famed for its Sundari Temple, which is one of the state’s religious attractions. The location is 55 kilometres from Agartala, on the bed of artificial lakes. The city sits on the banks of the Gomai River and is home to a number of temples. The Tripura Sundari Temple, however, is the most well-known.

Kalyan Sagar, a large lake, is located next to this temple. Because of the numerous lakes in his city, it is also known as the “city of lakes.” The Nazrul Granthagar library in Udaipur, which was named after Nazrul Islam, is a haven for book lovers.

Image Source: Tripura Tourism (Twitter) 

Tripura is more connected to nature, and so are the places to visit in Tripura, because it is one of the rare states that promotes environmentally friendly activities and has been able to keep itself a plastic-free zone. In this state, you will come across many tribes of people. Dancing and singing are two important aspects of this place’s culture. This occupation affects a large number of people. They even travel to far-flung locations to exhibit their culture and traditions. In short, Tripura is a thriving state in every sense of the word.

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