20 Best Quotes From Euphoria That Hit You Hard

The show with multiple Emmy nominations to its name – Euphoria the series has been the talk of the town ever since its second season was released. While the ever-stunning Zendaya is one of the reasons behind the show’s popularity, one also has to admit that it is entertaining through and through, bringing together drama, romance and iconic pop culture references. Add to that its attempt to address issues faced by the youth at large, and there you have it – the show that has everyone hooked. As an ode to its brilliance, here are some of the best quotes from Euphoria that are as iconic as they are thought-provoking.

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1. Rue voicing our deepest fears.

2. On the emotion which can move mountains.

3. On fighting, and fighting by yourself.

4. Art and hope, that dangerous thing…

5. Ali – an iconic brand of sass.

6. Timeless, in ways good and bad.

7. When Rue articulated exactly what self-loathing feels like.

8. Our reaction to a Monday morning, essentially.

9. And then ensues the all-too-familiar chaos.

10. After which, shit gets real.

11. What victory feels like.

12. Reality checks, and more.

13. Fake it till you make it, that age-old mantra.

14. The many ways of escaping, to find a refuge.

15. On finally finding your way through.

16. And it’s NOT just inside your head.

17. No two ways about it.

18. The reassurance we all need.

19. Who doesn’t?

20. We all need someone who wishes that for us.

Here’s hoping you liked these 2o best quotes from Euphoria. Let us know if we missed out on any of your personal favourites in the comments!

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