18 Best Quotes From K-Dramas That You Are Definitely Going To Love

Korean dramas are one of the most liked shows nowadays. These are full of humor and drama, and they sometimes provide incisive comments on Korean society and modern life. K-dramas can thus serve as much more than just entertainment, serving as valuable education on both Korean culture and the Korean language. But do you ever experience that moment in a K-drama when a character says something so moving that you know you’ll never forget it? Even the best of us have experienced it. There are undoubtedly countless K-Dramas lines that stand out and have left an indelible impression on us. So we are here to list a few best Quotes from K-Dramas that will touch your hearts.

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1. Because you don’t always need to say something to lie. Mere silence could be a lie too.

2. Having someone to share your success stories makes it 100 times merrier.

3. Because your only competition is you. If you want to compete, do it by yourself!

4. Well, goodbyes are always hard no matter what!

5. Forgiveness is supposed to be given by heart and not by someone else’s opinion!

6. Nothing can ever beat hard work. Not even the bestest of luck!

7. Because somehow, experiences in life make us better person.

8. Because you always have to pay a price!

9. Nothing in this whole world is permanent. And it is better to accept this fact than to crib.

10. In the end, you only regret not trying and that feeling is worse than failing.

11. Keep trying until you finally get what you want.

12. The brain is your biggest weapon!

13. Do what your heart says and won’t have to regret it in life!

14. Good memories make you forget the saddest of times.

15. Live your every day to the fullest!

16. You always have a choice in life. Make sure you choose the correct one!

17. Only you are responsible for your life. People may come and go, but you have to stay with yourself. So make sure you make your life the best place to live in.

18. Point of view is all that matters and so is the context!

19. Well, bad things may happen to good people, but in the end, truth prevails!

20. Live your life to the fullest!

21. Life is not so fair!

These were some of the best Quotes from K-Dramas that you are definitely going to love. Let us know which one is your favorite?

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