10 Best Telugu Songs You’ll Love Listening To

Dravidian culture and literature are known to be among the richest in the subcontinent. It is then but expected that the languages derived from that culture are going to be storehouses of richness and refinement in themselves. That richness trickles down to all forms of literature and art – be it poems, novels, dance, or music – for all forms of art are interwoven. Telugu music of current times reflects the same kind of depth, which, when combined with contemporary beats and tunes, gives us an unmatchable combination, which we are here to share with you in the form of some of the best recent Telugu songs!

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1. Bullet Song

From “Warrior’, this song is a fun and groovy track to jive to with your friends!

2. Mehbooba 

A soulful melody sung by Ananya Bhat, this song truly soothes your ears.

3. Ra Ra Rakkamma 

Mangli and Nakash Aziz create magic in this track with Arabic inspirations but a fully desi flavor to it.

4. Whistle Song 

Another one from the movie “Warrior”, this one is a must for all the parties where you want to show off your dance moves to some amazing beats.

5. Dhada Dhada 

Haricharan sings this number from “Warrior” with amazing ease, and the track is made all the more amazing by the beautifully penned lyrics.

6. Kadalalle 

An amazingly soothing composition sung by Sid Sriram, this one was from the movie Dear Comrade.

7. Priyathama 

This song from Kotha Kothaga oozes thrill and innocence, beautifully encapsulating the feelings of those first brushes with love.

8. Hrudayama 

Sid Sriram mesmerises yet again in this beautiful composition by Saicharan Pakala.

9. Adbhutam 

With Tanishk Bagchi as the music director, this song packs in a fusion of the traditional instrument nadaswaram with all the contemporary elements.

10. Inthe Inthena 

Naresh Iyer’s stunning voice makes this one a song you must listen to.

We hope you enjoy listening to these recent Telugu songs which we think are some of the best in the past few years! Let us know which one you like the most in the comment section below.

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