16 Best Releases on OTT From This Month: July 2023

 July was known for the biggest cinema rivalry: Barbie vs Oppenheimer. While everyone was busy debating which one is the best, OTT platforms stepped up their game and released some great creations of all time. Some light-hearted comedies like Tarla with a dash of horror like Asvins and some gripping thrillers like Kohrra, OTT had its time in July. Let’s have a look at some of the best releases on OTT this month.

1. Asvins | Netflix

A movie that seems cliched with abandoned bungalows, 5 friends, and demonic spirits is actually a treat to watch as the story unfolds. Not many jump scares but the story is a must-watch for all horror film lovers. Director Tarun Teja’s vision to make a psychological horror movie is reflected as we watch ahead. All this coupled with Vasanth Ravi’s intense performance is what makes this Telegu Tamil language movie one of the good releases in July.

2. Maamannan | Netflix

This Tamil socio-political drama film is already appreciated by viewers in theatres and is now streaming on Netflix. As expected from a Mari Selvaraj film, we get to see oppression in its worst form against the defenseless, a good romantic angle, and an inhuman villain against a brave heart hero. The struggle for power in the movie is shown in the later half. In total, it is a movie for all.

3. Kohrra | Netflix 

One of the highly recommended shows to watch on Netflix is Kohrra. This murder mystery has made a lot of buzz due to its very powerful screenplay and top-notch performances. The story is about an NRI who is murdered just before his wedding and what unfolds during the investigation is the story of dysfunctional families, a web of deceit, and lots of secrets. This should be on your binge-watching list for sure.

4. Thandatti | Amazon Prime

This Tamil language film tries to remain light-hearted most of the time and manages to produce some good humor. As a debutant film writer, Ram Sangaiya, did a great job to make the audience familiar with his world. If you are a fan of good mystery combined with humor, this is the film for you.

5. College Romance Season 4 | Sony LIV

The most awaited series finally came up with its finale season which was high on emotions and gave answers to many questions the audience had from previous seasons. As the trailer marked the return of a titular character, Trippy, you can imagine the high voltage drama this season had. Coupled with the same quirkiness, fun, romance and friendships, this season we bid farewell to our most beloved characters. Needless to say that this is one of the best releases on OTT this month.

6. Sweet Magnolias Season 3 | Netflix

This 10-episode series was on everyone’s waitlist because of the cliffhanger of the previous season. This season was a delectable surprise as it goes on to explain the events that happened in season 2. Viewers found this season an emotional ride that leaves a rather satisfactory ending. If you haven’t watched the series, maybe now is the time you do.

7. Outlanders Season 7 | Netflix

This Netflix show is in its seventh season and has maintained its quality. The storyline is still intact and is flowing like a smooth Scottish sail. This season mainly resolves the previous season’s narrative thus keeping the story on loop. If you are already a fan, you might not have missed this season.

8. Adhura | Amazon Prime

Watch Adhura for Shrenik Arora’s performance. This kid can easily be termed as one of the best things about the series. The storyline is quite gripping though the jump scares are what audiences already expect in a horror movie. The narrative is not rushed and a typical horror movie lover would definitely enjoy this series. There is a reason why this is considered as one of the best releases on ott this month.

9. Babylon | Amazon Prime

This 2022 movie made its OTT debut on Amazon Prime this month. The fabulous cast and Damien Chazelle’s direction make this 3 hour long movie worth watching. The movie tells the harsh reality of Hollywood in the 1920s. The execution and the message are both quite impactful as it deals with censorship and draws lines between liberal and hedonistic cinema where life here becomes futile but your screen presence is now for eternity.

10. Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant | Amazon Prime

Though not based on true events, the film is loosely inspired by the lives of many Afghan interpreters who were promised visas but were left to look after themselves after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021. The screenplay and the performances makes this a gripping watch and is considered Guy Ritchie’s one of the best work till date.

11. Tarla | Zee5

A movie based on the life of India’s most famous home cook, Tarla Dalal, is a must-watch. It is simplistic yet entertaining and has a feel-good factor to it. Huma Qureshi as Tarla Dalal gave a good performance but Sharib Hashmi takes home the trophy for playing a doting husband. This slice of life kind of film is what you watch with your mother.

12. IB71 | Disney Hotstar

Set in the backdrop of the Indo-Pak war of 1971, IB71 had a lot of potential that is mostly carried out by Vidyut Jammwal. Though it may seem a lot is going on in the first half, the second half ties everything together, and together with Jammwal’s action sequence, the movie is worth a watch.

13. Ishq-e-nadaan | Jio Cinema

With a cast including actors like Shriya Pilgaonkar, Neena Gupta and Lara Dutta among others, this is a heartwarming anthology of three couples who are interconnected in some way and their journey as they figure out love and life. If you are a realist but a romantic, this movie is definitely for you.

14. The Deepest Breath | Netflix

This documentary on free diving, a deadly and extreme sport explores the world of the ocean through the divers lens. It shows the physical as well as psychological challenges faced by them during the act. If you are a fan of extreme water sports, do give this a watch.

15. Trial Period | Jio Cinema

A funny premise that starts with renting a father for 30 days, this film is a beautiful ode to family and relationships. A light hearted comedy followed by a few emotional sequences, this movie is a great watch, especially for Genelia and Manav Kaul’s performances.

16. Kaalkoot | Jio Cinema

A simple can be made amazing by strong performances and good writing. This is the case with Kaalkoot. With cast like Vijay Verma, Shweta Tripathi, Yash Sharma along with others, and written by Arunabh Kumar and Sumit Saxena, Kaalkoot is a very simple yet powerful story of a man who tries to balance his work and personal life as a cop in UP. The attention to detail in this is commendable.

This is our exhaustive list of best releases on OTT in the month of July, both Indian and international. All these were enough for us to enjoy the monsoon with some fantastic shows. Tell us your favourite in the comment section.

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