15 Best Rumi Quotes That Speaks To The Heart

Rumi’s work came from the Persian-speaking world and has influenced generations over generations. His pieces of writing don a spiritual legacy that carries the essence of prophetic guidance. Music, poetry, and dance are the three pillars of his spiritual journey that intensified his passion for writing and gave the world masterpieces to remember. List down below are some of the best Rumi quotes that elucidate his teachings!


1. The Persian poet knew that all the Gods are within us. 

2. Rumi here beautifully pens down the magic of love. 

3. He taught us the power of words, with his words. 

4. At the end of the day, our spirit knows what it wants. 

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5. We all need to stick around this quote, whenever we’re in a problem. 

6.  To mend your spiritual self, you need to get heartbroken. 

7. One of the most powerful quotes to read in times you are in pain. 

8. This one below has high chance of entering the list of your most favorite quotes!

9. Here’s proof why Rumi’s quotes teach you to fly! 

10. Now you know where to seek your answers! 

11. Your heart knows the right direction. 

12. And here’s the most popular one! 

13. True ones will find you from the ruins. 

14. This quote is all you need to understand your self-worth.

15. No wonder why Rumi’s love quotes are the best! 

Rumi’s quotes are the doorway to lead a life that is lovable and not regretted. The poet’s teachings illuminate the heart and are the perfect guide to transform your life for the better. Every time you are distressed or you feel miserable, read the best Rumi quotes on life to achieve inner peace and contentment.

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