20 Best Shiv Khera Quotes On Success, Hard Work & Life

One of the most prolific Indian authors and motivational speakers of recent times, Shiv Khera has inspired millions of people from all walks of life with his books, speeches, workshops and lectures. He is known to inspire and motivate audiences with his unique style, anecdotes, and analogies and deliver complex matters in a simplified manner. Shiv Khera’s quotes encapsulate his wisdom and messages. Some of the biggest corporates in the world today invite Shiv Khera to take workshops for their teams and employees to motivate them to work better, harder and move ahead with a positive approach in life.

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We bring you some of the best Shiv Khera quotes that will inspire you to work hard for your goal.

1. In the end, all we’ll do is hold a small portion of earth! 

2. Let’s compete for knowledge and wisdom 

3. It’s important to go in the right direction, even if you are moving slowly. 

4. The best teachers make you curious instead of providing you with answers. 

5.  This is what happens to people when you do not have goals.

6. If you think you can, then you can! 

7. Vision is the ability to see the invisible. 

8. Being positive simply means being solution-focussed. 

9. Character keeps you successful! 

10. Success is a result of your attitude. 

11. Do multiple things, but one at a time. 

12. Adversities bring out the best in you. 

13. Motivation is like fire – you need to keep adding fuel to it. 

14. When you keep your eyes fixed on your goal, you don’t see obstacles. 

15. Stop talking and get started. 

16. Winners simply do things differently. 

17. What matters is not just the company you keep, but also the company you avoid.

18. Making money is easier than making a difference! 

19. Selling is 90% conviction and 10% persuasion. 

20. Winner see the gain, losers is dissuaded by the pain. 

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Which of these Shiv Khera quotes did you find the most inspirational? Do let us know in the comments below!

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