18 Best Songs of Atif Aslam That Will Make Your Heart Smile


Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Atif Aslam are two of the few (barely any) musical and vocal talents for which we are grateful to Pakistan. But the youth of the 1990s had a very unique connection to Aslam’s music. No singer from the current crop can replace him because of the quality of his music and distinctive voice, especially for those who listened to his songs through sickness and health in high school and college.  Here are the 18 Best Songs of Atif Aslam that will get you all mushy! 


1. Tajdar-E-Haram

Atif Aslam recently heard a fan from India sing Tajdaar-e-Haram in the Coke Studio, and Atif praised the singer’s voice. With an instrument in his hand, the elderly man sang the song as he strolled the streets of Hyderabad, India. Atif expressed his admiration for his voice by posting the video on Instagram with the caption, “SubhanAllah. Greetings, Tajdar-e-haram. If anyone sees this individual, please give him my regards. India’s Hyderabad, specifically. Imran Ashraf, an aspiring actor well known for “Raanja Raanja Kardi,” appreciated Atif for the gesture by sharing the video. “Tremendous individual, great talent from Pakistan, Atif Aslam bhai jaan khush rahein,” he said in response to Atif’s input. 

2. Doorie

Atif Aslam’s debut worldwide album is titled Doorie. The album’s singles were massive hits at the time. One of Atif Aslam’s most popular love songs, Doorie, from the album, spent several weeks at the top of the charts in Pakistan and India. Each time we hear Doorie, his ebullient voice melts our hearts.

3. Hona Tha Pyar

Bol by Shoaib Mansoor gained popularity for all the right reasons! It had all the makings of a great movie, with an outstanding cast and a compelling plot that defied the odds. Even more impressive was the Atif Aslam and Hadiqa Kiani teamup on “Hona Tha Pyar,” which won and was nominated for numerous accolades at the Pakistan Media Awards and the LUX Style Awards

4. Hum Kis Gali

Hum Kis Gali, another blockbuster song from the Aadat and Woh Lamhey powerhouse vocalist, further solidified Atif Aslam’s reputation in the music business. The song features catchy lyrics and a humorous music video.

5. Dil Kare

Ho Mann Jahan’s soundtracks are some of the best ever, despite the films’ cliched plot. Dil Kare by Atif Aslam, which added to the movie’s already-star-studded cast and memorable songs, became an instant hit.

6. Mori Araj Suno

The soundtrack to The Reluctant Fundamentalist, a film based on the same-named book by Mohsin Hamid, was heartfelt and featured both Eastern and Western musicians. One of the most amazing tracks was paired with Atif Aslam’s Mori Araj Suno and a potent montage in the movie.

7. Bheegi Yaadein

Jal Pari continues to be one of Atif Aslam’s best-selling albums to this day. Along with Aadat and Woh Lamhe, Bheegi Yaadien continues to be one of his most well-known songs despite not appearing in any films. 

8. Main Rang Sharbaton Ka

The listeners of this Atif Aslam song, however, are different. You may always turn to this tune around Valentine’s Day!

9. Piya O Re Piya

Another lovely love song by Atif Aslam to ignite your relationship. Choose this song if you wish to devote a Valentine’s Day song to your special someone!


10. Jeena Jeena

Other than Atif Aslam, we cannot fathom anyone else performing this Badlapur song. You cannot listen to this incredibly painful song without thinking about a lost love because of how passionately he has performed it.

11. Tu Jaane Na

Are you even an Atif Aslam fan if you haven’t spent hours listening to this song while gathering the guts to confess your feelings to your crush?

12. Tera Hone Laga Hoon

This gorgeous Atif Aslam song, which depicts budding love, has the ability to put a grin on your face every time.

13. Kuch Is Tarah

This song can be related to those who have truly loved someone. All lovers will identify with this stunning composition’s precise lyrics. Huge nostalgia. 

14. Aadat

As children, we tried to mimic his inebriated man’s voice in addition to humming the song’s melodies. Also, it served as our generation’s breakup song.

15. Woh Lamhe

If you were a child during the 2000s, you are aware of the lofty heights to which this song rose. We can’t get enough of the addicting combo of this Atif Aslam song on a wet night.

16. Dil Diyan Gallan

The song, which is a relatively recent addition to his discography, demonstrated that Atif’s voice and music can still enchant us after ten years.

17. O’meri Laila

This Atif Aslam song is ideal for a couple’s dance and needs to be on your list.

18. Tere Sang Yaara

We can still hear this sultry tune from the movie Rustom. Most likely because we have listened to this song on repeat at least a million times and know every word to every song.

Here are the 18 Best Songs of Atif Aslam that are perfect to play during a romantic date or just when you need a rush of serotonin! 

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