10 Best South Indian Action Movies That’ll Blow Your Mind

The thing about South Indian action movies is that they have received enough criticism about how unrealistic they can be at times. Catching a bullet with your teeth, I mean, c’mon. But interestingly, these unrealistic yet entertaining sequences are what end up making these movies so commercially successful. In this list, we won’t just be focusing on the bullet-catching, train-stopping action, but also a realistic action for which these actors have spent their sweat and blood. Let’s have a look at some of the best South Indian action movies that may make you question your faith in science or worship the sheer skills required to execute these sequences.

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1. Sivaji

Sivaji is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining and iconic movies out there. An NRI philanthropist returns to India with an aim to do good for his own countrymen but his noble efforts are hedged by corrupt politicians. People flying, stabbing politicians in the stomach, goons with swords and sickles, musical instruments breaking, buses blowing up, this movie has it all!

2. Bahubali (1 & 2)

Just one word to describe this S.S. Rajamouli wonder- grand. A man named Shiva, unaware of his legacy, stumbles upon his past. What follows is pure grandeur- suspense, action, romance, this movie has it all. And that cliffhanger at the end of the first movie! Bahubali is a movie of epic dimensions. Be it the story, or the performances, or the awe-inducing sequences, this movie is a full package. The war sequence between Kalakeya’s troops and the army of Mahismati is action at its best.

3. Asuran

One of the best films of 2019, Asuran is the story of a farmer whose son murders an upper-caste landlord as an act of vengeance. The movie has some killer action sequences. The best thing about this dark and gripping drama is the performance of Dhanush, which even got him the National Award for Best Actor.

4. Take Off

The story follows the escape of some Indian nurses held hostage by terrorists in Iraq. The story is steady and the script crisp. This movie surely wouldn’t disappoint the audience who look for some good action and thrill in a movie. On top of all of that, watch this movie for the heartfelt performances of the actors.

5. Enthiran

Vaseegaran, a genius scientist who builds a robot with the aim to help mankind. When the robot is taught how to feel human emotions, things take a rather dystopian turn. Chitti, the robot, falls in love with Vaseegaran’s girlfriend and takes over the entire city. The action, mostly CGI driven is amusing and interesting to watch.

6. K.G.F.

Released in 2018, and with a huge fanbase waiting for a sequel, this period drama is one of the most popular South Indian movies out there. A man, in order to fulfill the wish of his dying mother, sets forth to acquire wealth and power. The coal mine fight scene, the petrol scene in the bar, the fight at the end of the movie, all are enough to give you goosebumps.

7. Arya

Both this movie and its sequel have some greatly entertaining action sequences. The Shrek-hooded car going after bar loafers was just a trailer. Arya showing off his martial art skills by breaking bricks, water hydrants, and slabs to scare off those college goons, that’s the real deal. Mr. Perfect for a reason. (The character is damn toxic, the previous sentence was only for the action sequences. Just so we are on the same page.)

8. Vada Chennai

In this movie, Dhanush plays the role of an expert Carrom player, who helps settle gangster feuds. But he turns against the same gangsters when they threaten to destroy his locality. The thing that stands out about this movie is the realistic action direction. The movie does not have over-the-top fight scenes, but highly skilled sequences that are entertaining to watch.

9. Lucifer

This Malayalam movie follows the story of a power struggle between two forces after the death of the Chief Minister of the state. This political thriller/ action movie starring Mohanlal is a must-watch for all south Indian movie lovers. How does Mohanlal pull off such complex action sequences at this age? Beats me.

10. Anniyan

A man suffering from multiple personality disorder uses Garuda Purana as a reference book to deliver punishment to evil people in the real world. By the day he is an innocent yet annoying lawyer named Ramanujan, turns into the loverboy Remo to win his crush’s heart, and kills people by the night in the guise of Anniyan. The movie is filled with some spine-chilling action sequences.

With this, we have come to an end of the list of some of the best South Indian action movies for the movie buffs out there. Started questioning your scientific beliefs? We hope not. Do let us know about your favourite action movies in the comments section.

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