10 Best South Indian Comedy Movies of 2022 To Tickle Your Funny Bone


Indian cinema has seen a huge rise of south Indian movies. These have come a long way, competing with Bollywood and enthralling audiences. In a nutshell, the South is the home of various genres of movies, including comedy movies, which are also receiving a fantastic response from audiences in the North. There are some excellent movies that will surely give you a good laugh. As 2022 draws to a close, there have been a number of excellent movies that should make it to your watchlist.


Here are the 10 Best South Indian comedy movies of 2022 that you should watch.

1. Thiruchitrambalam

A delivery driver manages his life while residing with his snobby grandfather and strict policeman father. Along with that, he is in the midst of being torn between two women.

2. Beast

Former RAW agent Veera is taken hostage by terrorists in a mall along with other customers and is forced to confront his fears when they demand the release of their leader, who Veera had earlier captured.

3. Peace

Fate turns out to be chaotic for a number of connected lives. It revolves around Carlos, a delivery partner, and some of the bizarre events that take place around him.

4. Don

A man recalls his enjoyable college years and considers how he was able to discover his purpose and organize his life.

5. Kaatteri

In search of gold, a group of thieves visit a mysterious hillside village. But nothing could have prepared them for what they saw there.


6. Kaathu Vaakula Rendu Kadhal

Rambo, a misfortunate man, changes his life after falling in love. The only issue is that he falls in love with two women instead of just one.

7. Hostel

The moment Kathir receives a handsome sum, he hides Adhirshtalakshmi from his strict warden in his boys’ hostel. The presence of a female ghost in the structure causes havoc.

8. Veetla Vishesham

26-year-old Elango is shocked to learn that his mother is expecting a child which causes trouble in his relationship with his girlfriend, Sowmya as he struggles to process the news.

9.  The Misadventure of Unlikely Heroes

A dishonest doctor imprisons Chris and Vijay in a quarantine facility. They try to get out of there in order to survive for which they must overcome a system that they feel is against them.

10. Oh My Ghost

A single woman and her two friends arrive in a small town, where they soon learn about their grandfather’s hidden legacy and their connection to the original Ghost.

These were the best South Indian comedy movies of 2022 that will surely give you a good laugh. Let us know which one you liked the most?

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