The 5 Best Sports Documentaries on Netflix

Sports are part of people’s lives; some do it as a hobby, and some do it as a job—numerous sports, such as basketball, baseball, volleyball, badminton, and many more. It would be best if you had discipline, hard work, and intense training to become a great athlete.

In the world of sports, many people establish themselves and achieve fame. Netflix is known for producing lots of sports documentaries that let viewers understand the true meaning of sports.

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Now, here are some best sports documentaries you can watch on Netflix.

1. The Last Dance 

Among all the sports documentaries on Netflix, The Last Dance is the most popular. The documentary is all about basketball featuring Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. In the series, you may see the struggles, rivalries, and unforgettable moments of each player on the team. 

In addition, the off-cam life of the players is also seen in this documentary. Truly, this series will touch your heart as you dive deeper into the lives of legendary basketball players. 

2. Cheer

Cheer is a docu-series that focuses on the cheerleading team. Of course, cheerleaders add color and fun to the sports and the team. This story of Navarro College Bulldogs from Texas shows how hard it is to be in the sports industry, all the hard work, and the pain they have experienced. 

Many will relate to Cheers, especially the young athletes who struggle with their personal off-sports lives and the everyday risk they are facing for the sake of sports.

3. Last Chance U

The Last Chance U series is about the team of  East Mississippi Community College entering the National Football League (NFL) team. This series emphasizes the ups and downs of the sports team, not only the life of the players but also the coaches and everyone inside the team. In addition, the title describes what the series focused on. Last Chance U is a great documentary to watch if you are into football sports. 

4. Undefeated

Another Netflix sports documentary that is football related is the Undefeated. The story begins in the down moments of the Memphis team as they are recognized to have a numerous record of losing. Generally, the film makes a turn in the mood when they meet a determined volunteer coach that changes their whole life. 

As you get closer to the documentary’s end, the story is inspiring and heartwarming. The moment of the coach and his players will surely touch your heart.

5. Athlete A

Athlete A provides not only entertainment but also a lesson to all of the viewers, mostly in the sports world. The documentary reveals the true color of Dr. Larry Nassar, who is reported to have sexual assault allegations. Additionally, Athlete A is a tribute to all the victims and the USA gymnastic teams.


Watch These Sports Documentaries Now!

Viewers of Netflix’s sports documentaries can explore the side of the sports world that the general public frequently ignores. The constant criticism players and coaches face while attempting to make it in the competitive sports world is a testament to how hardworking they are.

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