7 Best Stand-up Comedy Specials on Netflix – USA 2022

It is good for your health to laugh sometimes, and Netflix offers a wide range of standup comedy specials that will satisfy every sense of humor. We all know that Netflix has been busy progressing its movies and TV shows in recent times, but the streaming service has also become a player in the world of comedy specials, as the last few years have seen an accelerated rise in stand-up comedy after several years of inactivity. There is a plenty amount of stand-up comedy shows on Netflix. 

We dug deep into the library to find out mind-blowing, amazing, and incredibly funny options for you. Jump into our list and check out our top choices for the best stand-up comedy on Netflix. However, one most important thing, before streaming on Netflix, make sure to have a reliable internet connection like CenturyLink for smooth streaming. Get more details about its packages by calling CenturyLink phone number.

1. Norm Macdonald

Norm Macdonald passed away tragically at the end of September. However, he had another gift for his followers. The Nothing Special, which was released posthumously, captures the comic performing a show alone in his homeroom at the time of the pandemic. Self-taped, the show is based on the same clever humor Macdonald became famous for during his time in the industry. 

The show also features comedy acts that pay homage to Macdonald and his legacy. The comedians comprise Adam Sandler, Conan O’Brien as well as David Letterman.

2. Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman needs no introduction. You have probably heard of her because you have seen her on SNL. The vocal SNL veteran has developed her brand of humor by finding jokes in difficult subjects and discussing the issues in an honest way and with an ounce of irony. 

If you want honesty and her brand of irony, then “A Speck of Dust” discovers Silverman with a more contemplative state of mind as she mixes her humor with thought-provoking moments of reflection on herself.

3. Bo Burnham

What was your experience during one year in lockdown? Bo Burnham kept busy by creating, directing, appearing in, writing, and editing this dark, funny piece of art performance that could be the most thrilling and original piece of work that we have seen to date. The self-deprecating humor, as well as the melodic tunes, are there. 

However, Burnham gets darker in his work, creating songs that are complete bangers on everything, including the white savior’s complex to eliminate cultural resentment, toxic masculinity, depression, and the global economic disparity. It is among the most enjoyable ways to break out of isolation.

4. Taylor Tomlinson

Quarter Life Crisis on Netflix is real and, above all, entertaining. In the show, Tomlinson describes her experiences as a young woman of 25 years old, an awkward age at which you have to contend with the pressures of being young while having fun in life, as well as the responsibilities of becoming an adult. 

By exposing her soul to the stage, she creates an emotional connection with her audience because we all have our struggles. Humans are all experiencing a sense of insecurity and trying to make sense of the rules of society that we do not completely comprehend. Tomlinson also doesn’t hesitate to present her personal experiences in a woman’s eyes and highlight the unique difficulties she has to overcome when performing her set. 

5. Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah has been doing an amazing job at managing The Daily Show following the departure of Jon Stewart. He has been able to combine his open-eyed foreigner status with insightful observations about American political and cultural issues. The same is true on this Netflix special that is his first. 

It tells his coming to America story while throwing his accent in a variety of ways to discuss the rising nationalism that’s taking over all of the worlds to this point. This is serious; however, Noah manages to entertain us regardless of the circumstances.

6. Hassan Minhaj

The Homecoming King has a lot to unravel and demands more from its viewers than the standard show. It is not afraid to go into the dark side, where the entire minute is without even a single joke. This happens because the first and foremost reason is that Minhaj is a great all-around storyteller.

Minhaj discusses his childhood and his family, as well as his experiences being an Indian American and an emerging comedian, all with equal amounts of contemplation and comedy. However, Minhaj doesn’t let his audience be sad; He is a master of timing and knowing exactly how to inflate and deflate his audience. It’s an extraordinary comedy and a complete portrayal of immigration experiences across generations that will make you awestruck by what the new comedian comes up with next.

7. Dave Chapelle

It’s impossible to miss Dave Chapelle when browsing Netflix’s comedy selections. In just a few months, Chappelle’s show creator and star launched four stand-up specials available on the streaming service.

The Specials that represent Chappelle’s debut telecast comedy series in over 10 years show that America’s most hilarious and famous laugh miners still have it. Chappelle, who taped The Age of Spin at the Hollywood Palladium, details his four encounters with O.J. He also makes a joke about the Bill Cosby scandal.


Netflix’s constant stream of top-rated comedy specials is a strong selling factor in itself. In these trying times, we should make space for joy and laughter, and Netflix has surely got you covered.


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