15 Best Thriller Indian Web Series Worth Binging On

Thriller is one of the most exciting genres out there. A good thriller keeps us on the edge of our seats. The popularity of thrillers led the OTT platforms to produce many thriller movies and TV shows. Which in turn made our lives troublesome. We are often low-key afraid to start watching a new series as it might not be that good. This post simplifies that task. Here is a list of the 15 best Indian thriller web series that you should definitely check out.

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1. Paatal Lok

Directed by Avinash Arun and Prasit Roy, this is a gripping tale of a cop investigating a high-profile case that takes him to dark places in the underworld.

2. Sacred Games

This series directed by Vikramaditya Motwane, Anurag Kashyap, and Neeraj Ghaiwan adapts the novel of the same name by Vikram Chanda. It was a huge hit in India and abroad, making it one of the best thriller web series in India. Lightly put, it is a cat-and-mouse chase of a police officer trying to stop Mumbai from a doomsday.

3. The Family Man

The Family Man is about a family man. The catch is that he is secretly an intelligence agent trying to balance work and life. I don’t want you to be biased about it, but I prefer the second season better. But the entire show is extremely enjoyable. Give it a watch if you haven’t already.

4. Mumbai Diaries 26/11

We all know about the fateful day in Mumbai when a group of terrorists attacked three important areas in the city. Enough movies have depicted the events of that day. This is unique because it takes the viewer’s knowledge about the day and the events for granted so that it can focus on the human aspect more.

5. Delhi Crime

Based on the Delhi gang rape case, the crime thriller follows the subsequent investigation of the Delhi Police to catch the people who were responsible for the heinous crime.

6. Asur: Welcome To Your Dark Side

Asur is an extremely gripping crime thriller series. Arshad Warsi stars as Dhananjay Rajput, along with a forensic expert, who gets involved in a cat-and-mouse chase with a serial killer.

7. Criminal Justice

Starring Vikrant Massey and Pankaj Tripathi, Criminal Justice is a legal thriller about a cab driver whose life turns upside down after being falsely accused of murdering one of his passengers.

8. JL50

This one has a really interesting premise that is inspired by a true event. In 1984, a plane took off from Kolkata and disappeared. After 35 years there is news of the same aircraft crashing on the hills of North Bengal.

9. Aranyak

It is a conventional story about police officers solving a complicated murder case. But, conventional does not mean that it’s bad. It is a gripping series that one could hardly resist binging on.

10. Mirzapur

Everybody knows about Mirzapur by now. Yet, it is on the list. Why? Because it deserves to be. There are some amazing performances throughout the series. The writing and direction are sufficient. All in all worth a watch.

11. Special ops

An amazing Kay Kay Menon (who’s always amazing) stars as Himmat Singh, who leads a task force searching for the mastermind behind several terrorist attacks. This also has another season, or rather a prequel to the first season that uncovers the backstory of Himmat Singh.

12. Breathe

Breathe is a crime thriller starring Amit Sadh as the protagonist Kabir Sawant who investigates the unusual deaths of organ donors. The writing and direction make it a gripping and intense watch.

13. November Story

This gripping crime mystery was recently released and gained good viewership because of its hard-hitting thriller story and convincing act by the star cast. It follows the story of a popular crime novelist who is found at a murder scene and has no idea about why he is there. This author is suffering from Alzheimer so he can’t even prove himself guilty- now it is up to his daughter to find out the truth. The movie stars Tamannaah Bhatia in the lead role.

14. Undekhi

Undekhi is another spine-chilling series inspired by true events- it shows a wedding ceremony happening in the Bungalow of a wealthy and influential family. However, uncanny happens when a dancer is shot and kileld in a fit of rage and now the Athal family is trying to stop the truth from going out. However, the only real witness left now is- the cameraman and the video he took.

15. Aarya

It is a chilling action crime drama about a widowed woman who finds out the truth about her husband’s death and is now determined to kill and seek revenge from those who are behind it. Her own morals and values are challenged along the way- how far will she go to fulfill her aim? Watch Aarya and tell us about it! This action drama stars Sushmita Sen in the lead role of Aarya.

This was our list of the 15 best Indian thriller web series that are worth binging on.

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