10 Best Turkish Horror Movies of All Time To Host A Scary Movie Night


Turkish horror movies are known for their mystery, monsters, backstories, drama, and even gore. If you have watched many Hollywood horror movies and think you are a pro (wait till you watch Turkish horror movies!). So, buy a pair of blackout curtains, connect your speakers to your TV set, prepare a hot tub of popcorn, and be ready to have a thrilling experience! Turkish horror movies are best and for all those who love watching horror movies- they are unmissable. Here are some of the best of all time.

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1. Siccin | (2014)

Siccin is a tale of Turkish mythology tangled with the lives of a modern-age family. A happy family is not so happy because they are cursed with a demonic power. Their curse has made their life worse than death. Their story of trying to get rid of the curse, and uncovering the truth of their family’s past- keeps the air of suspense flowing till the end.

2. Dabbe: The Possession | (2013)

A movie that includes many supernatural elements- this movie is about a young journalist who walks down a dark path to investigate a series of paranormal activities to find out the truth. She gets caught in a web of supernatural activities- her journey into the dark will give you chills down your spine. The movie is said to be inspired by a real-life incident- that makes it all the more interesting.

3. Baskin | (2015)

You need to not just have a strong heart but also a strong gut to watch this movie. It is about a group of police officers who accidentally discover a cult group while going on their regular job. They get stuck with the weird people and their lives turn into a living hell after that.  The scenes are scary, disturbing, and creepy. So, if you want to watch a movie that will keep you awake for two nights in a row- be ready to watch this scary movie.

4. Seytan | (1974)

Seytan is a classic cult Turkish horror movie that is also considered a remake of the classic hit Hollywood movie ‘The Exorcist’. The movie is about a 12-year-old girl who gets possessed by an evil power and makes everyone around her terrified. The movie is of low-quality movie of the early 70s. But, if you are interested in watching a classic Turkish horror movie- this is a great pick for you.

5. Dabbe: The Curse of the Jinn | (2014)

Can a curse change the whole life of a normal family? Well, you can’t imagine the kind of consequences that each member of a cursed family had to go through in this bone-chilling movie. You will watch this movie with one eye closed and a pillow right in front of your face to cover your eyes whenever necessary! The Dabbe movies are one of the most popular Turkish horror movie franchises and they will never disappoint you.


6. Musallat | (2007)

It is the story of a young and newly married couple who move into their dream house for which they have worked hard for so many years. But, this lovely and innocent couple does not know that the days ahead are filled with grim and grey evenings and even bleaker nights. Their house is haunted by supernatural elements who are ready to pounce on their next victim.

7. The Antenna | (2019)

It is a horror drama set in a dystopian world far ahead into the future when a government-controlled broadcasting system brings the supernatural out into the world. So, in a world where anything is possible, the line between real and reel is vanishing and people are confused about what is real. A movie with a smart plot, tells you that technology can also turn lethal in the future.

8. Gen | (2006)

A blend of modern beliefs with ancient myths- this movie will compel the youth to rethink their beliefs! The movie is about a set of college friends who find out an ancient secret on the internet and try unlocking it- well, they succeed. But their success comes at a bigger cost than they expected- the supernatural elements are not going to leave them alone for a long time now.

9. Beddua: The Curse | (2021)

It is another great movie on a family curse that is wreaking havoc in the lives of a normal middle-class family. This movie has a dash of psychological horror added to the supernatural forces. This combination is working like a charm and you will stay glued to your seats, but beware of the curses! It is a super creepy movie with many jumpscares.

10. Semum | (2008)

It is a horror movie based on real-life events about a demon who gets inside the body of humans and then only death can save them. A journalist tries to get inside the chilling details of all the gruesome deaths and whether the rumors are true or not. The movie is filled with so many demonic scenes that whoever bets that they never get scared while watching a horror movie- make them watch this movie and you’ll win the bet!

So, that was our compilation of the Best Turkish Horror Movies Of All Time. Have a Very Scary Experience!

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