10 Best Turkish Series on Netflix That You Must Watch


Turkish web series are hugely popular in India spanning romance, family, or thrillers. With stars like Hande Ercel gaining fame among Indian viewers, the craze for Turkish shows has gone global. Well, we have great news to break to you- there are many new Turkish shows that you can now binge-watch without leaving your cozy couch! We have compiled the names of the 10 best Turkish series on Netflix.

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1. Into The Deep

An exciting action-adventure drama about a marine biologist who goes on a research mission after a disaster happens on Earth and people are fighting to survive. But, even the crew onboard the submarine have a conspiracy going on. The show has thrill, drama, dialogues, acting, and everything so full of twists that you wouldn’t feel like getting up from your seat until you finish it.

2. Rise of Empires: Ottoman

It is a historical thriller docudrama that follows the journey of the rise and fall of the great Ottoman Empire in areas such as the Roman capital and Constantinople. The show is set in the 15th century and not only it shows the fictionalised versions of history, but an educational commentary from subject experts is also heard in the show from time to time. However, don’t worry, the show also entertains you, and the commentary in English is done by Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister, GOT fame).

3. Resurrection: Ertugrul

Ertugrul is a famous historical Turkish drama series. It is set in the 13th century and shows the life of the legendary king of the vast Ottoman Empire- Ertugrul. This new series has gained worldwide popularity and is a thriller show with action seuqnces that you will remember for a long time, the dialogues will give you goosebumps and the show will keep you hooked throughout the five seasons.

4. Love 101

A teenage drama about a group of teenage outcasts who live in Istanbul and have found a way to stop their favorite teacher from leaving the school! A teacher who stands up against bullies and saves innocent kids from abuse? She is a gem of a teacher! They scheme to set the teacher up with their basketball coach so that she finds her happy ending in Instanbul and does not have to shift somewhere else- a million-dollar idea it is!

5. 46 Yok Olan

A psychological thriller with an air of mystery and a dash of fantasy- all the exciting genres are combined in this show. It revolves around the life of a genetics professor named Murat who is performing many scientific experiments and some elements of supernatural to bring back his comatose sister. Is it possible to bring back the dead to life? Well, there are many fantasy stories but watching a show with a scientific angle to it would be fun to watch.


6. The Gift

It is a Netflix original series that is an adaptation of a Turkish novel written by Şengül Boybaş. Interestingly, the novel is inspired by true events about an archeological site where 11,000-year-old structures made out of stones were found. The show’s plot is inspired by that and shows a young girl drawing mysterious symbols since she was little. She has an old connection with the place that was discovered and a secret hidden in the past. What could be her secret? Well, find that out after watching the show!

7. Black Money Love

The show is a crime thriller about Omer, a man who works at an organized crime branch in Eastern Turkey. He meets Elif, a jewelry designer in Istanbul and a bizarre incident changes both their lives. What makes their successful but boring life filled with thrills and the fear of the unknown? And, have they fallen in love? Well, this is one of the most popular Turkish shows in the world. Watch it and find out why!

8. Midnight at the Pera Palace

It is a time-traveling thriller show about a young but orphaned journalist who goes to the Pera Palace Hotel because she has to write a piece about it. She discovers two things- a woman did a heroic act in the early 90s and secondly, she finds a portal to the past in one of the hotel rooms! She goes to bed and boom! She is in the past Istanbul- a completely new world and a completely new era.

9. Another Self

This 2022 show is about three friends who take a trip from Ayvalik to the western coast of Turkey to heal themselves. Their traumatic lives, generational abuses, and so much more are shown in the show that audiences across the globe can relate to. This slice-of-life show also highlights the population exchange that happened between Greece and Turkey in the 1920s and how it affected the people. The show touches on those sensitive topics and traumas that the majority of the people of Turkey are facing and puts them in the show in a beautiful way. A must-watch show it is.

10. Fatma

A crime thriller about a cleaning lady named Fatma who goes on a journey to find out her missing husband but ends up committing a murder. And, to hide her crime, she goes on committing more and more crimes. A show that will shock you, fill you with thrill, fill with suspense and twists and so much more! The actress Burcu Biricik shone in her lead role.

Find your next binge-worthy obsession and immerse yourself in the magic of Turkish storytelling. Start streaming today!

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