12 Best TV Shows And Web Series Of 2022 You Must Watch


With the pandemic retreating, 2022 is a year of transition to a normal lifestyle. The entertainment industry was one of the sectors that were affected due to COVID. Many of the productions that they hoped to begin with, got delayed. The catalogue of shows & series, releasing in 2022 is here already. Below are some of them that are already released. Here is the list of the 12 best TV shows and web series of 2022 so far.

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1. Under the Banner of Heaven

Starring Andrew Garfield as detective Jeb Pyre, who is investigating the murder of a woman and her daughter. While investigating, he discovers buried truths and the consequences of unyielding faith.

Stream on: Disney+ Hotstar

2. Barry

The third season of Barry is here. If you have seen the previous two, the third season takes it up a notch. Barry is hands down a masterpiece. Bill Hader is amazing in this one. He is amazing in every role he plays, as the writer, director, and actor.

Stream on: Disney+ Hotstar

3. The Girl from Plainville

The Girl from Plainville is a dramatization of the true story of Michelle Carter’s “texting-suicide” case. The series explores her relationship with Conrad Roy III and the events that led up to his death.

Stream on: Hulu

4. Euphoria

Another season of the hit series Euphoria. The show has gained a lot of popularity among teenagers. It deals with a group of high school students who struggle with love, drugs, and money as they come of age.

Stream on: Disney+ Hotstar

5. Pam & Tommy

Based on the real-life couples Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. The series is a dramatization of the aftermath of the leaking of the infamous sex tape of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.

Stream on: Disney+ Hotstar

6. The Offer

Over the years, The Godfather has become one of the most beloved masterpieces in the world. This series follows Al Ruddy, the producer of The Godfather, and his experience of making the 1972 film with Francis Ford Coppola.

Stream on: Voot


7. Moon Knight

The latest inclusion in the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe, Moon Knight follows Steven Grant and Marc Spector who are trying to save the world from a ruthless killer from inside the same body.

Stream on: Disney+ Hotstar

8. Severance

In this sci-fi, Mark leads a team of office workers whose memories have been divided between work and personal lives. When a mysterious colleague appears outside of work, they begin to discover the truth of their jobs.

Stream on: Apple TV

9. All of us are dead

All of us are dead is a zombie series. It takes a conventional approach, following the tropes of a general zombie thriller. At least some of us have fantasized about a zombie outbreak in our schools, where we get to be the heroes.

Stream on: Netflix

10. Pieces of Her

Starring Toni Collete, Pieces of Her follows Andy Oliver, who pieces together her mother’s dark past, after a violent attack in their small town brings long-buried secrets to light.

Stream on: Netflix

11. Reacher

A veteran military police investigator, Jack Reacher, has entered civilian life when he is accused of murder.

Stream on: Amazon Prime Video

12. Parallels

A mysterious event scatters a group of four friends into different timelines. They try to get back to their former lives.

Stream on: Disney+ Hotstar

This is the list of the 12 best TV shows and web series of 2022 so far. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments.

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