10 Best Web Series of 2022 On Hotstar To Stream Right Now

The OTT platform provided a place for its audience to access content from around the globe. Whether you want to watch a drama or a show with lots of suspense and excitement, Hotstar has it all. It has a never-ending supply of excellent shows, so you can binge-watch a variety of shows and pass the time leisurely. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to increase your entertainment intake. Here are the best web series of 2022 on Hotstar.

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1. Criminal Justice

Aditya, a cab driver, has a one-night stand with his passenger Sanaya. He stays the night with her, but awakens to find himself in a pool of her blood. Soon after, the police accuse him of killing Sanya, and it’s up to his attorney Madhav Mishra to have the charges against him dropped.

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2. Dahan

In an effort to clear her name, a disgraced IAS officer accepts a strange case in the occult-practicing nation of Shilaspura.

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3. Ghar waapsi

Shekhar, is fired from his lucrative job in Bengaluru and returns to his hometown of Indore. He chooses to keep it a secret from his family, though. As he discovers a path to self-discovery, his life is forever changed.

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4. Masoom

A tenacious Sana Kapoor battles her father and unearths secrets in her quest for justice for her late mother, which may damage her relationships with her family.

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5. Escaype live

The series, which examines the dark side of social media, follows the journeys of six people as they embark on a virtual quest for fame and fortune on the social media platform Escaype Live.

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6. Home Shanti

A middle-class family has a genuine emotional desire to build a home. But it continues to go up and down, and problems keep coming up.

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7. The great Indian murder

The murder of a well-known industrialist and the son of an influential politician is the focal point of the film. He is shot dead at his own party, and the police have a number of suspects to look into in order to identify the murderer. The backstories of each of the main characters keep you guessing about their intentions right up to the very end.

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8. Human

An emotional drama about the shadowy world of medical fraud and human drug testing.

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9. 9 hours

Three prisoners face a unique challenge when they break out to commit their next robbery, getting back to their cells in time for the next roll call.

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10. Rudra

It is an Indian psychological crime thriller series. Rudra is the remake of Luther, a British television series. Ajay Devgn, Raashii Khanna, and Esha Deol are the series’ main actors.

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So, start watching these best Hindi web series of 2022 available on Hotstar. Do let us know in the comment section below, which one you enjoyed the most.

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