15 Best Wedding Destinations in India For The Wedding Of Your Dreams


Weddings in India are a HUGE deal. The planning begins months ago, and the actual ceremonies last for days at the end. The Great Indian Wedding is known for its grandeur and pomp, its lavishness and elaborate arrangements. With time, this traditional Indian ceremony has changed form as well. Destination weddings are all the rage now, with more and more couples opting for outdoor venues and unconventional set-ups to solemnise their bond. Here are the 15 best wedding destinations in India, to help you plan the wedding you want (even if just to daydream).

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1. Goa

Could there possibly be anything more romantic than a beach wedding in Goa? With the waves lashing at your feet, you taking in the salty air as you take your vows… scenes straight out of a movie. Planning a wedding in Goa would cost you about 2-20 lakh rupees, with choices ranging from premier wedding venues such as the Longuinhos Beach Resort to low-key budget wedding resorts.

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2. Jaipur

Royalty is what comes to mind when we think of Jaipur. What’s better than adding a royal glint to your big day? The forts, palaces and havelis placed against the stunning hilly backdrops will make for a picturesque wedding straight out of the pages of history. The top venues in Jaipur include the Chomu Palace, Jaigarh Fort and the Alsisar Mahal, where you can have the most pleasant of weddings in the months between November and February.

3. Udaipur

The City of Lakes is yet another gorgeous place to live your dream in. Lakes, forts, island palaces – ask for it, you have it. It is also a city well-connected via air, rail and road, so the practical concerns are taken care of as well. Venues such as The Leela Palace, Fatehgarh and the Udai Kothi are among the top choices for destination weddings.


4. Jodhpur

Rajasthan is clearly the land of destination weddings, Jodhpur being another perfectly suitable city to get hitched in. Wedding costs could range from 3-50 lakh in the stunning Blue City, with amazing spots like Amritam Palace, Bijolai Palace and the Fort Khareja.

5. Kerala

The backwaters and beaches, palm trees and hills make Kerala a repository of all the beauty bestowed by nature. Pick a venue here to make your wedding a memorable one, in God’s Own Country. Take your pick from among the gorgeous locations of Tharakan Heritage Homestay in Kochi, Zuri Hotels and Resorts in Kottayam, Gemini Houseboat in Alleppey, and many more.


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6. Hrishikesh

Nestled among the Himalayas with the Ganga running through, Hrishikesh is the ideal place to have your wedding if you’re someone who loves peace and quiet. Locations and resorts such as The Second Life Resort and Panchvati Cottages would prove perfect. Imagine beginning a new phase of your life, surrounded by the jaw-dropping beauty of the grandiose Himalayas…

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7. Jaisalmer

The Golden City is yet another choice for you to plan a picture-perfect wedding. Nothing quite beats the grandeur of the lavish palaces, gigantic forts, and stunning sunsets this city has to offer. Some of the many scenic spots to choose from are the Brys Fort, Suryagarh and the Gorbandh Palace.

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8. Shimla

Located amidst the stunning mountains and rolling valleys, Shimla is THE place to have your dream winter wedding. Not to mention the pleasant climate it offers. Book your spots at the Woodville Palace Hotel, the Koti Resort, or the Karam Vidhata Resorts, among many more.


9. Lavasa

Lavasa in Pune is known for the stunning landscape it offers – lush, green plains girdled by the hills. Plan your wedding in one of the resorts here, and you’re sure to make memories that will last you a lifetime. The Antariksh Retreat and Hotel Celebration are among the top choices for most couples.

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10. Andaman & Nicobar Islands

If you’re looking to have an intimate wedding, look no further than the Andamans. The perfect places to mark your joyous day with your loved ones, amidst beaches, sand and swaying trees are right here. Choose from the marvelous locations of The Munjoh Resort and the Symphony chain of resorts among others.


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11. Auli

Auli in Uttarakhand is just the place to have your wedding in, with snow-covered mountains providing an awe-inspiring landscape to get lost in. Hotels like the Clifftop Club Resort, and Tattva Boutique Resort host the most beautiful ceremonies. It is also the ultimate skiing destination, which opens up so many new possibilities for couples who like an adventure.

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12. Jim Corbett

Yet another destination in Uttarakhand with stunning scenery abound with nature’s grace, this is a place where you can revel in the beauty of it all while preparing to begin a new chapter of your life. The Den Corbett, Namah and the Roar Resort are some of your best options.

13. Mussoorie

Budget-friendly, as well as a stellar location – Mussoorie, gives you the best of both worlds. The Marriott, Sterling Resorts and the Royal Orchid Fort Resort are some of the best bets.

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14. Agra

The city of the Taj Mahal – is considered to be the epitome of true love. What’s better than tying the knot in this city with a rich history as well as a plethora of resorts and venues to suit your taste? The ITC Mughal and the Taj Orient are among the top-notch locations for weddings in Agra.

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15. Amritsar

Lastly, to come to the city that is often reduced to only being home to the Golden Temple, Amritsar has become a highly popular destination for weddings in the past few years. The vibrance of the city’s culture, along with concerns about the financial aspects of the ceremonies has made the city such a popular pick for couples looking to get hitched. The Ramada Amritsar and Taj Swarna are some of the best spots.

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Did this list of the 15 best wedding destinations in India help you zero in on your dream wedding? Let us know in the comments.

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