10 Best YouTube Channels For IELTS Preparation


Time to study abroad? Well, that also means that it is time to start preparing for IELTS. You can acquire a test record from an IELTS test that is recognised and acknowledged by thousands of organisations around the globe, including businesses, universities, professional associations, and governmental organisations. Your command of the English language will advance. Some students favour some abilities over others. Here is a list of the best YouTube channels for IELTS preparation! All the best, you’ll ace the test with these resources!


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1. IELTS Official

The official IELTS organisation launched the IDP IELTS Official YouTube Channel. They have a selection of quick video lessons covering each and every aspect of the test. Although each of their movies is only a few seconds long, they are very instructive and may be used as study guides.

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2. IELTS Ninja 

A wealth of free IELTS study materials may be found on the IELTS Ninja YouTube channel. There are comprehensive lessons that cover how to approach each section of the IELTS IDP, including how to write an essay, score well in the listening section, and more. You may efficiently study English from all of their videos.

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3. IELTS Liz 

IELTS Liz, you should absolutely take advantage of the many resources on this woman’s YouTube channel. You can improve your speaking skills for speaking parts 1, 2, and 3 of the IELTS speaking test by learning about topics, learning how to respond to questions, and learning appropriate terminology. Her audio snippets offer practical lessons, advice, and exercises to help you develop and practise your IELTS listening skills. Learn how to paraphrase effectively, anticipate questions, and develop other listening test-taking strategies.

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4. The IELTS Coach

Through video lessons, worksheets, and helpful suggestions, The IELTS Coach have been assisting students in achieving their IELTS exam goals for 15 years. To access FREE live IELTS classes, resources, and advice for all abilities as well as often updated video lessons and practise exercises, go to the website.

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5. IELTS Daily


One of the newest YouTube channels dedicated to IELTS test preparation is IELTS Daily, which launched in January 2019. This station offers a special method for getting viewers ready for the IELTS. Students from all over the world are invited to take an IELTS practise exam with the host, Chris. He administers the exam in the same way as he does the IELTS. He even runs the test via the IELTS’s testing process to familiarise you with how it works. This is one of the best YouTube channels for IELTS preparation.

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6. E2 Language: IELTS

Another independent IELTS preparation resource, this one provides advice that students can utilise to feel comfortable taking the test. Each year, they publish revised examination-related rules and regulations. You can update your preparation with the content of the reading, writing, and listening exercises, as well as the self-evaluation they require.

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7. IELTS With Simon 

This channel can offer a lot of helpful advice if you want to get the best IELTS score possible. Every one of their videos focuses on a different section of the test, such as speaking, writing, and listening. The finest aspect of their tutorials is that they will fill you in on crucial information that will help you raise your band score within a few minutes.

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This is one of the most highly regarded channels for IELTS-related studies; everyone can benefit from their content and carefully organized sessions, from beginners to test takers. People will receive assistance with test-writing, reading courses, speaking suggestions, and many other things. You will receive better assistance during the preparation if you learn from their mistakes.

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9. English Speaking Success

English Speaking Success has an outstanding selection of succinct, focused tutorials that are delivered in an approachable style. Speaking techniques, test-taking strategies, and raising your IELTS score are among the subjects covered. A comprehensive selection advice, materials, no-cost training, and model responses. Operated by English instructor and proprietor of the Keith Speaking Academy Keith O’Hare.

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10. BestMyTest 

BestMyTest has a huge selection of classes for IELTS preparation that are exceptionally well-organized. The lessons, which are delivered by various teachers, all share the same trait in that they are simple to grasp and cover all the critical components of the IELTS tasks.

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Now, do you feel a tad bit prepared for your test with these YouTube Channels for IELTS preparation? Let us know how well your test went in the comment section below!

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