12 Best Zombie Movies For Fans of the Living Dead

Who doesn’t love a good old apocalyptic zombie movie with all the horror and gore? The living dead coming after the protagonist and his group in hordes from every direction! That sets your heart beating louder, doesn’t it?  Enough with playing zombie games on your PC then, and rewatching The Walking Dead. We here, have a list of some of the best zombie movies that will satisfy the fan in you. We will refrain from pointing out the zombie comedy genre as most zombie fans deny the significance of the same. Now, who’s ready to eat some brains?

1. Train to Busan

This one’s the best on the list. On his daughter’s birthday, a father is taking her to see her mother in Busan via train. They are unaware of the fact that a zombie outbreak has taken over the entire country and even the train that they are travelling in is not safe. Fighting through all odds there aim is to reach Busan which has been declared as a safe space. If not anything, this movie will make you fall in love with the character played by Don Lee.

2. Alive

This South Korean movie was released in 2020 and is a gripping tale about two strangers who are trapped in their respective apartments amidst what seems like a zombie apocalypse. As scary and tense as the movie can get sometimes, it also touches on the human need for company in the most beautiful way.

3. World War Z

The world is plagued with a virus that turns humans into zombies. One man has to embark on a journey to find a cure for the same but what he doesn’t have in his favour is time. This movie is a perfect zombie movie with enough twists and scares for your perusal.

4. Dawn of the Dead

One of the most popular zombie movies of all time, Dawn of the Dead is the story of a group of survivors who find themselves trapped in a shopping mall as the world outside gets filled with flesh-eating zombies. Difficult choices, gruesome fight scenes, debates, gore, this movie has everything that is expected of a good zombie film.

5. Blood Quantum

This is one of the freshest plots out there when it comes to zombie movies. It focuses on a group of indigenous people who are immune to a zombie epidemic that has almost wiped out the rest of the population of the earth.

6. Night of the Living Dead

Released in 1968, this is one of the first zombie movies that came into the limelight. Radiation from a fallen satellite causes the recently deceased people of a region to rise from their graves and look around for human flesh to eat. A few locals try to guard themselves by fortifying an old farmhouse.

7. Resident Evil

Pick up any Resident Evil movie, you will have a zombie treat! There’s no denying that fact. Based on the zombie apocalypse video game of the same name, the film attempts to capture the essence of the game as perfectly as possible. A virus outbreak in a genetic research facility turns all the humans and animals present there into zombies.

8. The Girl with All the Gifts

If you are bored with the cliched plots of most zombie movies then you should try this one out. When almost all of the world has been turned into mindless flesh-eating zombies by a strange fungus, one girl named Melanie seems to have retained sentience. This post-apocalyptic movie is one of the best zombie movies of recent times.

9. 28 Days Later

This is one of the most realistic zombie movies of recent times. The movie focuses on a group of survivors of the Rage virus that has turned most of the people in the United Kingdom into blood-thirsty zombies. The beginning of the movie feels eerily similar to that of The Walking Dead series. All in all, this movie will definitely keep you at the edge of your seat.

10. Zombie

This Italian movie is one of the most thrilling zombie movies that you will ever watch. For a movie shot in the late 1970s, this film has some sick special effects. The story is basically about a reporter, a doctor, and another woman stuck on an island amidst a rise of zombies.

11. I Am Legend

The lone survivor of a zombie apocalypse caused by a manmade virus, a scientist, attempts to reverse the effects of the virus with the help of his own immune blood. Will Smith gives one of the best performances of his career as Dr. Robert Neville in this movie.

12. Cargo

To write anything about the brilliant plot of this 2017 underrated Australian movie would ruin the fun when you watch the film yourself. But if it can be of any help to you then this movie would be an experience that you will cherish for a long time.

Ah! That was quite a ride, wasn’t it? This was our pick for some of the best zombie movies of all time. Which ones are your favourite? Let us know for sure. Also, while you are here, check this out: 25 Best Hollywood Horror Movies That’ll Give You Nightmares For Weeks

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