Cricket is one of the easiest sports to wager on and has thus amassed a huge following the past few years. In the wake of its rise, many bookies have ventured into its markets, hoping to provide fantastic wagering experiences for their punters. But few have lived up to the expectations of their fans. One of the sites that have appealed to cricket betting fans is Betway, which also excels in other sports markets. It also offers a casino, thus making it a one-stop-shop for all your betting needs. So, what makes this bookie unique, and why should you consider it in your next wager?

A Good Reputation

When looking for any betting site, you must consider its past to determine the kinds of services you will get. Sure, some sites change hands, and the management takes a different route. But in most cases, the past is a good indicator of the future. Betway is not new to the betting world and has been a sports betting site since 2006. While the site had some issues in the start, this changed, and they now have an excellent rating in online communities. It’s important to note that this positive reputation also holds for its cricket fans – and that says a lot about the site.

Wide Coverage

What’s the point of betting on cricket if you can only do so in a few markets? Betway goes above and beyond and covers all cricket matches in all tournaments. So, there’s no limit, regardless of if you want to bet on the local matches in a specific country or want to play internationally. You can use the dropdown lists on the selection menus to decide just which market you want. You will enjoy just how dynamic the sportsbook is, allowing you to keep up with all market changes.

High Security Standards

With the recent increases in cybercrime, you cannot take security for granted. And that means that you must always gauge just how serious a site is about its security. What can you expect of Betway? It uses 128 bits SSL encryption on its site to keep hackers away. You will also be happy to know that to date, there have not been any insecurity incidents on the site. So, you can quickly deposit and withdraw your cash without facing any threats. Of course, security always starts with you. Thus, you must observe the necessary precautions on your part, e.g., avoiding logging in on public WIFI, choosing strong passwords, not sharing your account info, etc.

Excellent Customer Service

Can you count on the support team to deal with your queries timely and diligently? That’s for sure. The customer support team is well trained to cater to your needs. They are all knowledgeable and friendly, skills which are a recipe for satisfactory services. Thus, if you ever need help with your account, you know you can contact them via a phone call or email. Moreover, the site is awash with bits of helpful information on how to operate your account.

Strict Regulation

Playing on unlicensed sites is all fun and games until the management turns on you. Such sites do not report to any authority and can do what they want at any time. So, they can lock you out of your account to keep you from accessing your winnings if they do not want to pay you. Can you expect such treatment at Betway? Not at all! This site holds licenses from the UK Gaming Commission and the Malta Gaming Commission. And these authorities are pretty good at cracking down on sites that deviate from the rules.

Variety of Payment Methods

Why should you struggle to fund or empty your account? Betway ensures that you have several means to deposit money into your account. Plus, it accepts all the major currencies, provides support for e-wallets, and allows you to pay via card. The same options are available for withdrawals. So, whether you want to pay for your wagers using wire transfers or alternative means, you will find a way to do so.

Competitive Odds

We all know that odds determine the amount of money you can make from a wager. And with Betway, you will find that the odds are almost always better than what the competition has to offer. Thus, this is a great site to place all your wagers. Some of the bet options include:

  • Total runs
  • Under or above
  • Session runs
  • Player of the match
  • Odd or even over

Did we say that they also offer bonuses? You can use these to maximize your winnings further.

Mobile Betting

If you want to place wagers on the move, you can use its dedicated mobile app that works on Android and iOS devices. It’s easy to figure out and offers you the same options you would have on the PC. Moreover, it is safe thanks to its SSL encryption.

All in all, this is a great cricket betting site with a fantastic user interface in tow – this is it if you are after great odds coupled with wide coverage. Be sure to keep an eye out for promotional offers on cricket and other sports as well. Have fun!

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