Bold TV Shows That Talk About Sex Right



Undoubtedly, there is something in the film medium that appeals to nearly everyone. Honestly, it would be unusual to discover someone who does not like watching movies. For this reason, a movie night is a great option for a couple’s night out. Although there might not be many dialogue opportunities during the film, it can be a great jumping-off point for deep talks afterward.

And it all gets even more exciting when you are a movie lover and manage to find another one to join you on a date. And that is where modern dating kicks in and helps you stay connected with like-minded people. There is no agreed-upon definition of modern dating, but it is reasonable to argue that mobile apps have altered the way singles approach and engage in the process of finding love. They simply join a dating platform and fulfill their dating needs.

Modern-Day Dating Culture and the Impact of TV Shows

In today’s modern dating scene, a growing number of people are turning to online dating platforms, using tender for sex, flirting, and relationships. A lot of the regular dating rituals, including conversing and learning more about each other, are skipped over in favor of instant pleasure or rejection. 

There has been a shift in the dating scene as a result of people prioritizing their careers for longer periods of time or as a result of people getting married at a younger age, divorcing, and then reentering the dating pool. They have to find different ways to socialize, and dating sites make it easier for them, especially when they want to hook up with local singles who shares their passion, like movies.

Many hookup sites help you connect with a movie buff. All you have to do is use the right filters, share your love for movies in your profile, and start having fun conversations with others. And when you finally manage to find a hookup with someone interesting, you can arrange a movie date to get the ball rolling.

TV Shows to Get Your Dose of All Things Sex

When you focus on hooking up with the right partner and want to learn more about sex, you can definitely get help from dating sites. But you can also use your love for movies to make things better. That is exactly when the following bold TV shows will give you some food for thought.

Modern Love

Modern Love has had its share of ups and downs, quite like the column from which it was derived, but it continues to be successful. The season’s high point may be Hathaway’s performance as a lovely young attorney who has been keeping her diagnosis of mental illness a secret from her friends and family.

You also love and learn a lot from Lexi as she rides high, wearing sequins to the supermarket and picking up a hot guy at the fruit stand. In short, this is a very unique take on all kinds of love, not just romantic ones. The longer you watch, there is a growing sense of identification with the show’s overarching mood. These are accounts of everyday occurrences, and that makes them special.

Sex Education


A sex therapist and her ambivalently sad but ultimately sexually uneasy adolescent son Otis are the protagonists of Sex Education, an all-inclusive comedy. The atmosphere is pleasant as a whole, with the characters being friendly and helpful to one another.

The sexual content is highly explicit, and sex scenes feature a lot of action, sound, and detailed descriptions of orgasms, body parts, and more. Truly something you may want to watch before you start a virtual sex dating on a site!

Masters of Sex

The content is tantalizing and interesting. The dynamic duo of Caplan and Sheen is superb. It is anchored by a stellar group of supporting actors. For at least two seasons, the drama is riveting. 

Despite some issues with the new doctors introduced in Season 4, you will really enjoy the third season’s cast of young characters. Conversion therapy will also be a fascinating plot twist for the show. Each new season brings with it more sinister behavior from the characters, which makes it exciting.

An intriguing aspect of Masters of Sex is how successfully it elevates the status of Sex. Many other TV shows (like “Game of Thrones“) include sexual content only for our entertainment. However, this serves the greater good and is something you should not miss.

Normal People

An adaptation of the best-selling book of the same name, Normal People has become a favorite of the television audience as well. It is an incredibly touching representation of the emotional and sexual life of a couple of young people. 

It’s not uncommon to see intimate scenes of young characters on screen lately, but they are usually accompanied by humor, as in the aforementioned Sex Education, or deliberately shocking, as in the other acclaimed series Euphoria. However, in Normal People we see such unity and intimacy that it seems to the viewer that they become unwitting witnesses to the private life of two real people, and not watching a TV show.


When compared to even the past 20 years, modern dating looks very different. It is a more experimental approach to finding a compatible partner in life. And when you talk about casual dating, you just cannot ignore hookup sites and apps and how they let you use filters to find someone you like. So, whether you love watching movies or want to be with someone with the same interest, consider signing up for a dating site to make it work.

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