12 Famous Bollywood Actors Who Married Common People


They say, ‘Marriages are made in heaven’, and many of us have proved so! Bollywood is a glamourous glitter-filled place where relationships are hard to maintain, let alone fall in love blindly. But, many celebs have proved that love can make anything happen. Some big Bollywood actors chose to marry common people instead of marrying their co-actors or someone related to the industry. And, don’t worry! Their fairy-tale marriages are still going strong- so keep your hopes high up! Now, let’s check out the names of all those Bollywood actors who married common people be it their school or college sweethearts or someone they crossed paths with one day.

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1. Jimmy Shergill and Priyanka Puri

Jimmy Shegill met his wife through common friends. Priyanka, a Delhi girl, wanted to set him up with her cousin- but Jimmy had eyes only on her! They dated for five years after meeting each other and finally tied the knot.

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2. John Abraham and Priya Runchal

John Abraham dated dusky beauty Bipasha Basu for 10 years but sadly- their relationship did not work out and they parted ways. After some years, John finally found a partner to get married to and shared his life with a successful banker named Priya Runchal. Life always surprises us with plans of its own!

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3. Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Chibber

Probably all of you are aware of these two college sweethearts who met in Delhi and fell in love instantly. When they married- SRK was not the Badshaah of Bollywood- but their love story kept them going in Mumbai and today they are a happy family of five!

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4. R. Madhavan and Sarita Birje

R. Madhavan once took personality development classes in Kolhapur to earn some extra bugs while also juggling with auditions. And guess who his student was in the class? His future wife Sarita! She wanted to learn some tips for clearing her airline tests. She took him out for dinner after her course ended as a ‘Thank You’- and that’s how their love story started. Sweet!

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5. Neil Nitin Mukesh and Rukmini Sahay

The two met at Neil’s house during the Ganpati Pooja arranged at his house- next thing they know- sparks flew everywhere and things couldn’t be better for the duo! After that, met dated each other for some time, and then married for a happy-ever-after.

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6. Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput

Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor once painted the B-town red with their romance. But, life had some other plans for them and after breaking the whole nation’s heart- they parted ways. Since then, both have moved forward in their lives. And Shahid Kapoor had an arranged marriage with Delhi-born woman Mira Rajput.

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7. Emraan Hashmi and Parveen Shahni

Emraan Hashmi may be known as a ‘serial kisser’ among his fans- but in real life, he is a true family man. He found his other half in a beautiful woman and preschool teacher named Parveen Shahni and married her after dating her for a few years. They now have a cute baby boy!

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8. Shreyas Talpade and Deepti Desai

Shreyas Talpade and his wife Deepti Talpade met as fans and actors when Shreyas was invited to Deepti’s college as a chief guest. Now, Shreyas, a fine actor, and Deepti- a clinical psychiatrist- both are married happily.

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9. Vivek Oberoi and Priyanka Alva

Vivek Oberoi was once a heartbroken, and lonely soul after he had an affair with Aishwarya and a tiff with her ex-Salman Khan. The relationship cost him his career too. But, his heart healed when he found his better half in Priyanka Alva, the daughter of a former Karnataka minister.

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10. Madhuri Dixit and Dr. Sriram Nene

Madhuri Dixit and her husband met through Madhuri’s brother at a party and Madhuri got charmed by this humble doctor! They dated each other for a short period and Madhuri decided to get married and shift to the US during the peak of her career.

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11. Varun Dhawan  and Natasha Dalal

Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal were childhood friends turned college sweethearts- sounds so romantic, right? Well, it is! And after dating for almost a decade- they finally tied the knot and had a dreamy wedding.

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12. Aftaab Shivdasani and Nin Dusanj

Aftaab Shivdasani, once a heartthrob of Bollywood- found his soulmate far from here! He met a British-Indian girl named Nin through common friends- and that was it. The cupid worked its wonders and this hot couple is still going strong.

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On hearing the stories about all the above-mentioned Bollywood actors who married common people, we all can confidently say that love knows no bounds. I would end this by quoting Ann Landers, ‘Love is friendship that has caught fire.’

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