15 Best Bollywood Dialogues on Travel To Keep You Dreaming!


There’s no cure for those bitten by the travel bug. Only travelling itself can provide any respite. While most people seek stability, travellers do not wish to settle. The roads with their surprises feel more inviting than the warmth of the bed. With the pandemic and travel restrictions having no end in sight, however, it would be wiser to dream of travelling than actually doing it. To help you feel better, we have compiled this list of 15 Bollywood dialogues on Travel that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. Even though you cannot visit all the beautiful places you want to see right away, we hope you are able to soon. So dream on, fellas!


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Now, let’s read these Bollywood dialogues on travel that’ll transport you to your dream destination… at least in spirit.

1. Planning ahead is always a good idea.

2. If life doesn’t stop, why should you?

3. Being one with your journey.

4. Works well for me.

5. Sometimes, strange new places feel more like home than home does.

6. They say, if things didn’t go as per your plan, God had better plans for you.

7. Do not keep yourself inside a box.


8. It’s the kind of life you had that matters.

9. Speaking for every traveller who’s ever seen the Himalayas. 

10. Just so many exquisite places you haven’t seen.

11. Do not let the society decide the story of your life.

12. Don’t we all need a break?

13. The highway has its way of making you feel liberated.

14. Live your best life today rather than worrying about a future that hasn’t arrived yet.

15. The burden of a conventional life is a heavy one to carry.

Did you like these Bollywood dialogues on Travel? What was your favourite one? Did we miss your favourite one out? In any case, comment below to let us know! 

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