15 Bollywood movies on College Life that remind you of the good old days


Bollywood has been a significant part of our lives, either it is childhood or old age. One thing that has been a constant part of Bollywood is the nostalgia it brings us every time we watch a movie esp some of the bollywood movies about college life. 

Today we thought to take one such trip down that lane as it is a lazy day for us, and let’s face it; we are all looking for something to spice up the day. Here in the menu, we have 15 such flavors, which will bring up different types of memories for all of us. Well, I am looking forward to it! It is going to be a roller coaster ride, so shall we begin!

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Here’s a list of  the best 15 bollywood movies about college life.

1. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

An epic start to an epic list, would not you say that. When I was thinking of creating this college movie of Bollywood list, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is the first one that springs to my mind. The movie has undoubtedly earned its reputation as one of the classic hit films. Probably the first one to depict the fruitful life of college students. You know, the whole popular girl, stud boy, college romance, and the whole story that follows. It has beautifully captured everything that defines the entire Gen X back in those times.

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2. Faltu

‘Old is gold’ can be well said about this film. It is all about how we consider failures underdogs and even challenge the education system of India. It is the story of four students, among which three score fewer marks, where the one left scores full marks. They all embark on the journey to make their parents happy, in turn finding their happiness. This makes us realize that degrees do not mark the standard of intelligence.

3. Three Idiots

One of the films that have made us entertain and made us cried hard is this one. 3 Idiots is undoubtedly one of the best bollywood movies about college life. Who can forget it! After all, it had a fantastic end as it was at the start. The film is about the friendship of three students studying in an Indian engineering college and working their ass off to get the degree. It shows their struggle as well as happy moments which they experience in this new world. The film has narrated through different times, one in the present and the other ten years in the past during their Engineering time, showing us how college can change one’s life.

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4. Two States

Good old college romances where we get our first love to first drinks all of our first experiences. This film is one such staring two IIM students who fall in love with each other during their college days. With having passed their college, they face the reality of romance. As the name suggests, they are from two different states, and their mission is to join them and tie the knot of their marriage. From Punjab to Tamil Nadu, it has all flavors and cultures. You are going to have fun watching it. If you are planning to introduce your boyfriend to your family or vice versa, this could help.

5. Fukrey

Fukrey is yet another power pack movie with a great punch line and comic timing. Hats off to the actors. So, the film revolves around the four protagonists struggling with their life issues on their own, and then their roads meet into one. They all work together with a common motive of making their dreams come true. The film shows how the generation is influenced by money to achieve their goal yet come to the right path in the end.

6. Main Hoon Na

OMG! How could I have not included this in the list! It is all about how two brothers unite who have been separated due to various circumstances. It’s interesting to see how a mission leads Shah Rukh Khan to the college where he had to live a youth life. He indulges himself in young, full of life, like a student group, and living their lifestyle. It is unique in itself. To see how we create bonds and memories in college which stay with us forever.

7. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Jaane Tu Ya Janne Na is one of the best bollywood movies about college file based on best friends and their entire journey starting from college how they fall in love, separation, to finagling destiny playing its role and things falling into place with some epic and cliche scenes. To sum it up, this is one such story that has all the emotions and surely is relatable. You would feel like your own story has come to life. Well, you would surely get to reminisce your memories after watching this.



8. Rang De Basanti

Blockbuster movies, among which this movie is considered to have one of the best storyline for decades. The film beautifully depicts how friends and bonds we make in college are for life, sticking by your side through thick and thin. It is amazing to see how this beautiful yet quirky group of friends bond and create friendships for life. From a rich brat to a middle-class Muslim boy, it has it all how they create a revolution from enjoying junk food, taking road trips, and just being carefree.

9. Student Of The Year

A beautiful love triangle and finding true love in the middle of the college studies, and the student of the year title. From materialistic relationships to testing those friendships under challenging times. This movie gives you perfect goals for every school kid who is about to enter college. It has covered all essence of college life from atmosphere, to events, to the friend circle and quarrels. The movie was one of the most talked-about amongst teenagers when they refer to college life.

10. Wake Up Sid

Wake Up Sid is a wonderful story and quite an unusual one. This movie highlights issues of a typical student how he goes through the confusion in life and gets into even more chaos and tension as he fails the exam. Being clueless in life after college is something we all have experienced someplace or another. From having a strained relationship with your parents, and the pressure of finding the career calling can stress things up to finding your true calling in life is what the character embarks on his journey to find.

11. Dil Chahta Hai

Another classic movie which is even seen by the Gen Z generation. This movie is all about three college students who are closer than ever, enjoying their college time. They take a trip down goa and how circumstance and situation change making them separate and how they realize making their friendship even more, closer than ever. How they vow to be friends till death does them apart before they pursue their lives.


12. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, omg, it is one film that keeps us on our toes. The main focus of the movie has been kept on sports and unpleasant family relations. It shows how siblings, college, rival gang, exams, and romance all blend in so beautifully that it creates an epic storyline. It highlights the importance of failed romances and finding true love while taking friends and family relations together.

13. Yuva

Yuva is yet another classic. Although it revolves around not-so-common college life struggles, it is considered one of the films with a unique story base. A first-of-its-kind film that showed student politics in such a serious manner was inspiring, hard-hitting, and very realistic. Here the twist is that the students join politics to keep politicians out of it. Yes, you heard it right. Does not it sound interesting? They join politics to fight and change society for the better. Does not it sound interesting!

14. Ishq Vishk

Portraying the friendship angle and the love tiff forming a love triangle between three people flawlessly. The movie is based on the life of college students who care about friendships, love, and their life. This is a tale of how their life evolves around in college. Moments like the event preparation, the college trip, the canteen fun takes us back to our memories, our fun time, and into the pool of nostalgia and wish for our college days back.

15. Yaariyan

This film being a surprise hit on us. The movie’s storyline was quite average, with events and different places being included in the plot. It did add a fun element, yet making it pretty realistic. And perhaps that’s what worked best for it. It explored one of the common problems people face when they fall in love with a nerd, you know, when you’re afraid to admit it to your friends whom you are falling for is a nerd due to peer pressure. I am sure will you enjoy watching this!

Bollywood is and will be our forever companion when it comes to experiencing flavors of life. It never fails to give us nostalgia and fall back on our memory lane and relive our most cherished moments. I hope you had fun as much as we had created this list for you!

Which of these bollywood movies about college life is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section.

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