25 Best Bollywood Movies for Kids To Watch This Weekend


Since the pandemic put physical classes off the table, most children have been spending more and more time at home. While it’s tempting to distract your unruly kid with a smartphone, we know that unmonitored screen-time can have more disadvantages than the teeth in a child’s mouth. Which is why we have compiled this list of best Bollywood movies for kids that are perfect for children to watch and learn good behaviour from.

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1. Koi Mil Gaya / Krishh

Rohit is a young man with a mental disability that leaves him with a mental age of a 10-year-old. When he accidentally establishes communication with an alien race, they visit Earth, and leave one of them behind. Rohit names the alien Jadoo and becomes friends with him.

2. Masoom

After a gangster named Barood kills Vikram Singh, an investigative journalist named Akash decides to look into the matter and put Barood behind the bars. However, Barood kidnaps Vikram’s only son, Kishan.

3. Stanley Ka Dabba

A teacher who forces every student to share their lunch with him notices that a kid named Stanley doesn’t bring his own tiffin box. He threatens Stanley, warning him to not enter school without bringing a dabba.

4. Chillar Party

A group of children in a housing society befriend an orphan and his dog named Bhidu. When local politicians decide to get rid of Stray dogs, the children decide to come up with a plan of their own.

5. Bhootnath

After Banku’s parents move into a mansion in Goa, he discovers an unfriendly ghost named Bhoothnath in his new house. Over time, Bhoothnath gives up on trying to scare Banku, and they become good friends.

6. Jajantaram Mamamtram

Loosely based on Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, Jajantaram Mamataram follows the story of Aditya who finds himself in a strange island after a shipwreck. He discovers that the island is inhabited by extraordinarily tiny people, who consider Aditya to be their saviour.

7. Do dooni Char

Santosh Duggal is a middle-class man who supports a family of four on his meager income of a school teacher. When during an argument his neighbour challenges him to buy a car in fifteen days, Santosh has to rack his brains to make it happen.

8. Ra.One

Egged on by his son and employer, Shekhar creates Ra.One, the invincible villain of a video game. When Ra.One breaks out of the game and enters the real world, he kills Shekhar and flees. When Shekhar’s son realises that Ra.One has escaped the game, with the help of his father’s colleague, he brings the game’s protagonist called G.One to life as well.

9. I am Kalam

A poor boy becomes immensely inspired by the former president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, and dreams of meeting him someday.

10. Raju Chacha

After the death of their wealthy father, three children are left to the care of their greedy relatives. A man posing to be the long estranged brother of their dead father arrives, demanding the custody of the three children.

11. Taare Zameen Par

Ishaan is a little kid with enormous potential for art, but he struggles at school. Frustrated, his parents send him to a boarding school where a compassionate teacher named Ram takes a liking to him and realises that Ishaan suffers from a learning disability called Dyslexia. Taare Zameen Par isn’t just one of the best bollywood movies for kids, it’s a must watch for parents too.

12. Makdee

When the local witch turns Chunni’s twin sister into a hen, Chunni strikes a deal with the witch. The witch promises to turn her sister back into a human only if Chunni brings her a hundred hens in exchange.

13. Bum Bum Bole


When Pinu loses her sister Rimzim’s shoes, the children decide to share a single pair of shoes until their father has saved enough money to buy Rimzim a new pair.

14. Mr India

A poor young man, Arun, lives with a bunch of orphaned children in his house while struggling to make ends meet. After one of the children dies in an attack by a crime lord, Arun uses his father’s invention to become invisible and exact revenge.

15. The Blue Umbrella

Based on Ruskin Bond’s eponymous novel, The Blue Umbrella follows the story of a little girl named Biniya who is given a beautiful blue umbrella by some Japanese tourists. Biniya flaunts her new umbrella in front of the villagers, who are as enamoured by it as Biniya. However, one day the umbrella gets stolen, and everyone Suspects Khatri, a shopkeeper who wanted to buy the umbrella from Biniya, of stealing it.

16. Chhota Bheem aur Krishna

Chhota Bheem takes the help of a shepherd named Krishna to save the people of his village after the king is kidnapped by Kirmada.

17. Mere Pyare Prime Minister 

A small boy who lives in a slum in Mumbai writes a letter to the Prime Minister after his mother suffers through a tragic incident. He decides to travel from Mumbai to Delhi with his friends to demand change.

18. My friend Ganesha 

Ashu is a lonely child whose parents pay him no attention. One day after he saves a mouse from drowning, his maid tells him that the mouse is believed to be Lord Ganesha’s pet ride. A few days later, during Ganesh Puja, Lord Ganesha pays Ashu a visit.

19. Iqbal

A mute and deaf boy named Iqbal wants to play cricket for the Indian national team and starts training with the help of a local drunkard who used to be a great cricketer once. A story of human perseverance, Iqbal is one of the best Bollywood movies for kids.

20. Vaah Life Ho to Aisi

A young man named Aditya is the sole bread earner for a large family, but meets an untimely death. After much pleading, Yamraj allows him to return to earth for seven days to take care of unfinished business.

21. Gippi

Gippi is a teenager with invasive body issues and struggles with insecurities and social expectations. However, with time, she learns to love herself as she is.

22. Zokkomon

Kunal is an orphan whose parents have left a sum of money in his name. His uncle decides to abandon the boy, convincing everybody he’s died, so he can have the money for himself. However, he returns as a superhero, and decides to teach his uncle a lesson.

23. Chachi 420

After his divorce, Jaiprakash is desperate to see his daughter, however he is only allowed weekly visits. To be closer to his daughter, he decides to dress up as an old lady and take up a job at his father-in-law’s house.

24. Secret Superstar

Insia has to resort to posting her songs anonymously on the internet because her abusive father prohibits her from singing.

25. Chhota Chetan

Laxmi and her three friends are ostracized at the school because of their poor background. When they come across a young boy named Chetan who has magical powers, they take his help to better their situation.

Did you like our list of best Bollywood movies for kids, or do you think we missed some of your favourite ones? Comment below to let us know.

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