10 Bollywood Movies on Leadership You Need To Watch

There’s a lot that one can learn from a movie. Bollywood has given us an ample number of role models to draw inspiration from. These characters from various movies have been perfect examples of what a leader should be like. From Lagaan‘s Bhuvan to Chak De India‘s Coach Kabir, these fictional characters have inspired generations to imbibe if not all but just a scintilla of their leadership qualities. Let’s have a look at some of the best Bollywood movies on leadership that will bring out the leader in you.

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1. Swades

Mohan, a man working for NASA returns to India in search of his old nanny, Kaveri Amma. He finds himself in a remote village, rich in culture, but devoid of the comforts of modern life. Filled with an urge to do something for the village, he takes up the task to bring electricity back to the village. The way he coordinates the entire project is truly inspiring. Seeing the light bulb shine on the old woman’s face at the end of the segment is what real happiness is.

2. Guru

Guru is through and through a movie made for leaders. Gurukant Desai isn’t a perfect man, in fact, he has numerous shortcomings and flaws. But what matters is that he had the guts to leave the confines of his village and find success in the long run. This Mani Ratnam movie is a perfect portrayal of what an entrepreneur should be and should not be at the same time.

3. Manjhi: The Mountain Man

When no one helps you, help yourself. Based on the true story of Dashrath Manjhi, the movie follows the main character as he carves a road through a mountain only with the help of a chisel and a hammer. Isn’t that what leadership is all about? Taking initiative!

4. Lakshya

There’s so, so, so, much to learn from this movie. When a clueless man in his early 20s gets into the Indian Army by fluke, his disarrayed life takes a 360-degree turn. Focus, dedication, discipline, maturity, punctuality, bravery, etc, are some of the qualities that one can learn through this gem here. It’s so damn motivating.

5. Yuva

Mani Ratnam should write a book on leadership qualities soon. It would surely be a best seller. Michael, the student politician played by Ajay Devgan, is everything we want a leader. He protects, he inspires, he guides! Also, did I mention what an absolute masterpiece, this movie is?

6. Nayak: The Real Hero

A man is challenged by a corrupt Chief Minister to take over his office for a day. As unrealistic as the plot sounds, at least a man attempts to set things right in a day, and he does. The entire segment in which Shivaji goes around the city suspending corrupt officers, collecting taxes, finding houses for the poor, etc., teaches us to make the most of our time, if nothing else.

7. Do Akhen Barah Haath

A jail warden shows faith in 6 criminals and sets out to rehabilitate them. A story of belief and reform had never been so motivating. This film was way ahead of its time. This Bollywood classic is a treat to watch. It is undoubtedly one of the best Bollywood movies on leadership.

8. Chak De India

Coach Kabir Khan became a household name after the release of this movie. The movie filled the hearts of every Indian with a fresh fervour of patriotism and a newfound zeal for the sport of hockey. I mean, the “Sattar minute” monologue is still the most motivating speech for us Indians. Isn’t it?

9. MS Dhoni: The Untold Story

The story of the most inspiring and humblest captain in the history of Indian cricket, MS Dhoni: The Untold Story is a movie that we all need to watch. The entire journey of Dhoni is extremely humbling, heart-warming, and inspiring.

10. Lagaan

Patriotism and cricket, this combination can never go wrong with Indians! This period drama features Aamir Khan as Bhuvan, a man who challenges the unfair tax system during the British Raj in India with a cricket match between Indians and the Britishers. If it wasn’t for a character like Bhuvan, the Indians in the movie would have been paying an insane amount of tax for sure.

Like I said at the beginning of this article, so much to learn! Which of these Bollywood movies on leadership is your favourite? Do let us know in the comments section.

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